XIDU M1 Wi-Fi Projector Review

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REVIEW – Time is a funny thing; I have memories of the middle school class and I watched everything the teacher was showing on the overhead projector, which was a monstrous machine in weight and noise. Cumbersome, they still occupied a wheeled trolley created by the desire to curb accidents at work, I am sure, and were accompanied by these transparent TANAGRAMS. I digress. It was a long time ago (same galaxy); the future is now. The behemoths of our past are a distant ancestor of the XIDU M1 Wi-Fi Projector. Can this cylinder, which is smaller than a gallon of milk, really provide entertainment without the fear of a pop quiz?

What is that?

The XIDU M1 WiFi Projector is exactly that: a projector. But oh boy, is it a projector. Connect it to your computer, phone, USB, TF (microSD) card, Bluetooth, HDMI, if you’re looking for a large viewing area for all the media you have, a projector can be a great option. cost effective compared to large modern TVs. It offers a maximum viewing size of 150″, but notes that the optimal viewing size is between 70 and 100″. Now look at the prices for a TV 70 inches and larger. I’ll wait. Yeah, not great for the wallet. I was also blown away by the sharpness of the image focus. Focus adjustment is extremely easy with a large dial just above the lens

What’s in the box?

1x – Cylindrical transport case
1x – Projector Instructions
1x – Xidu M1 Projector
1x – Remote control
1x – Tripod
1x – Power cord
1x – HDMI cord
1x – RCA connector cord

Design and features

At first glance, the XIDU M1 projector came in a very generic box. You knew it was a projector, but you were really in the dark. Once out of the box, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised to find all the accessories with the projector itself. Now this model is designed for Android Bluetooth projection, but it comes with all the cables and connections to connect to a computer, TV, even a Fire Stick.

Most notably, it didn’t come with a screen; Objectively cute carrying case, but no screen. Now, in tighter lockdown times, I happened to have an economical screen to use, but it got me thinking about how the Xidu could work on multiple surfaces.

So we test.

garage door test

I waited until dark and decided to try casting on my garage door. It’s big, it’s white as a screen, and I could theoretically throw an “I’m sorry I did that on a Tuesday night” message to the neighbors if I woke someone up. The good news is that it worked pretty well. Admittedly, we used a Halo Bolt to power the XIDU and had to end the experiment early due to the freezing rain that showed up at the party. But it was a clear picture. I was able to connect to my Android seamlessly and was even close enough for WIFI. I think the XIDU M1 projector has passed this test.

Ceiling tests, please excuse my very annoying ceiling light.

Then I moved on to one of the laziest ideas – the ceiling. Hear me out: it’s a big whitish area too, and I can lay flat and scroll through a certain clock app. This, my friends, was an epiphany. Seriously, just plug and play here. No neck pinches, no eye strain and something I didn’t notice on the outside – the sound is pretty good! I mean, I was actually surprised at the sound coming out of it. It was clear and loud. Now the base isn’t going to shake the roof off and there aren’t many controls, but it was okay. Of course, the positioning required a bit of hacking as the device isn’t meant to be laid on your back; it’s the speaker area – not the strip of gray fabric around the front as I originally thought. The metal power button got uncomfortably hot, which I noticed becoming a trend even when the XIDU M1 projector was in standby mode.

Economic screen

Finally on the screen. Notice I’m focusing on the quality of the projector – not my budget screen. The pictures really don’t do the resolution justice. Colors were crisp and there was no lag. I was impressed that a small unit had this level of quality.

Speaking of which, the XIDU M1 projector is absolutely for some travel entertainment.

What I like

  • Very light and easy to take anywhere, as long as you have a power source
  • Fantastic resolution for a projector and very easy to adjust focus
  • The included tripod is very sturdy and easy to adjust
  • The remote is very responsive
  • Menus are easy to navigate
  • Essentially plug and play; with the proliferation of HDMI connectivity, it’s extremely easy to hook it up to your favorite media device
  • Carrying case encourages on-the-go entertainment adventures
  • Solid build

What I would change

  • I would have appreciated some sort of control over the device itself in the unfortunate event of losing the remote; please don’t lose the remote
  • Bluetooth connectivity can be tricky to get working; an HDMI connection or using a memory card are much easier options
  • Add a headphone jack
  • The power cord is painfully short; honestly using some sort of portable power source is your best bet so the user isn’t constrained by the position of a wall outlet to get the best viewing angle

Final Thoughts

At this price, the XIDU M1 projector is a solid performer in home entertainment. If you have any idea to explore the projectors, the XIDU deserves special attention. If you can get around the comically short power cord, I can’t recommend this gadget highly enough. My partner has, for all intents and purposes, claimed it. It has a kind of small game box with which it uses the HDMI connector; it keeps him and his Mario-carting buddies busy for hours! Kidding aside, the XIDU is very easy to use and operate. The remote is delightfully eye-catching, yet essential to use; lose it and all you’re left with is the start of a neat Aperture Science Sentrybot model. Hopefully future generations will have controls on the unit itself. Maybe remove the microSD slot (labeled as TF slot) to add some buttons. But that could be a personal preference and they are by no means deciding factors. The compact construction allows for extremely easy transport and simplifies the need to find enough space for more traditional sized projectors, which I’m sure means it will make appearances at many pool/BBQ parties this summer. The XIDU M1 projector is a great addition to an entertainment arsenal.

Price: $169.99
Or buy: Amazon.co.uk
Source: The sample for this review was provided by XIDU. For more information, visit their site.

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