XGIMI Halo+ portable projector gets brighter, smarter and more expensive

XGIMI refines its line of projectors with a new and improved version of its portable workhorse. The XGIMI Halo+ retains a similar overall design and feature set to the older model we reviewed last year, but is now brighter and has smarter features that make it easier to use. Be sure to watch the video below and find out all the details.

XGIMI Halo+ Quick Specs:

  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • 900 ANSI lumens
  • Harman Kardon speakers
  • Android TV 10
  • HDR10
  • Autofocus, auto keystone correction, and screen alignment obstacle avoidance
  • 3D support
  • Price: $850

XGIMI Halo+: Design

Visually, the only difference between the old model and the new Halo+ is the position of the sensor on the front. Now located near the bottom, it’s also labeled as Auto Keystone rather than the old Halo’s Auto Focus.

Otherwise, the Halo+ is nearly identical to its older counterpart. At the top, there’s an XGIMI logo along with some capacitive touch controls for play/pause as well as volume up and down. On the back, the projector has a DC input, 3.5mm headphone output, HDMI input, USB-A input, and the power button.

At the bottom, the Halo+ has the same little kickstand for adjusting the viewing angle and a threaded mount for placing the projector on a stand.

Image adjustments

Since this is a portable projector, there are many image adjustments that can be made to compose the image in multiple viewing situations. The Halo+ has some improvements over the older model with automatic obstacle detection, automatic keystone correction and autofocus.

If pointed at a wall with an image on it, the Halo+ detects the obstacle and adjusts the image to avoid it. Likewise, if there’s a screen in view, the image will automatically adjust to fit the frame quite precisely in my experience.

XGIMI Halo+: Video

If the projector is struggling to adapt to a screen or just needs a few more tweaks, there are manual adjustments, including four-point adjustment keystone correction. The projector can be shifted up to 40 degrees horizontally, allowing the projector to be used in some difficult positions. It can also help to put it to the side so that people or children don’t walk in front of the lens as often.

I used the projector in combination with XGIMI’s portable stand to place the projector in a good place for testing.

Video quality

Topping the specs of the portable XGIMI Halo+ are 1080p resolution and 900 ANSI lumens. This maximum brightness can only be used when the projector is plugged in. When unplugged, the brightness decreases a bit.

But when used outdoors at night or in a dark room, the XGIMI Halo+ looks great. The Full HD image is sharper than smaller, more affordable portable projectors like Anker’s Nebula Capsule II.

I was testing it on the 100-inch Elite Screens Sable Frame 2 display which has a cine white material and a gain of 1.3dB. And in the dark, the Halo+ is excellent on this screen. When there is light coming in from the windows or all the lights are on in the basement, it starts to look dim, but that’s to be expected.

Picture Modes

XGIMI has a few different picture modes for the Halo+. I often used it with a custom profile making sure the motion smoothing feature was turned off. Adjusting the white balance can sometimes be useful, but I didn’t find it really necessary to play with the color.

Game mode

Like many other products from XGIMI, the Halo+ features a game mode that sports a sub-26.5ms latency. For me it’s fine for playing more casual games and racing games like Forza Horizon 5, but for more competitive FPS games it’s still a bit too slow.

Like the older model, switching to game mode overrides some of the advanced picture adjustments like four-point correction.

Integrated audio

For audio, the Halo+ has the same two 5W Harman/Kardon speakers. For a portable projector, they’re perfect. With that 3.5mm audio output, however, it’s easy to listen on some headphones or connect another audio system to the projector.

The internal speakers will be loud enough to fill a room, making it an ideal portable option. The projector can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker.

When plugged in, the fan noise is audible, but it was never overwhelming for most media. When unplugged, fan noise decreases. Unlike the AAXA M7, fan noise was never an issue with the Halo+.

Running Android 10, the XGIMI Halo+ is pretty intuitive when it comes to menu navigation. There’s a home screen that shows all your apps and will even suggest media to play next. Most items can be personalized and moved. Favorite apps can also be swapped out for quick access to the most used ones.

And the remote has a Google Assistant button so you can use your voice to search for shows or other media.


While Halo+ supports streaming apps like Disney, Hulu, and HBOMax, Netflix still requires a workaround. You need to install the Desktop Manager app first and then install Netflix from there. And while it’s not as seamless as a native app, there is at least a workaround. Or, you can always use a Roku or other streaming stick or game console to stream media.

Battery life

Battery life is also quite impressive on the XGIMI Halo+. After about 1 hour and 45 minutes of Netflix streaming, the screen went dark when a low battery warning went off and the projector turned off completely after 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Taken from 9to5Toys

And it all sounds pretty impressive, but it comes at a price. The XGIMI Halo+ costs $850. For that price, however, the Halo+ is brighter than more affordable projectors like the Capsule II. Smart picture adjustment features also make it more capable and easier to set up.

Or, if you don’t need the portable nature of the projector, check out XGIMI’s Elfin Projector. With 1080p resolution and 800 ANSI lumens, it offers many of the same features for just $640. And, if you end up wanting to take it with you, you can always add a portable power station like Jackery’s to power up some adventures.

If you really want to take your home projector experience to the next level, check out our XGIMI Aura Ultra Short Throw Projector review.

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