Where should there be a chipotle in Hamilton, NJ?



It never occurred to me until today that there was no Chipotle in Hamilton Township, New Jersey (Mercer County). Where should there be if you could pick a location?

I posted an article about the brand new Chick-fil-A start being built on Route 1 North in Lawrence Township that it would open in November, and PST auditor Lynn Gesser commented, “We need a Chipotle. The old Chase Bank on Route 33 which just closed would be a good place. “

Hmmm. It got me thinking about other possible locations. I did a PST poll … here are some suggestions:

And next to the new Starbucks on Sloan Avenue? Chipotles aren’t usually that big, so I think one could stick to that.

A few PST listeners told me that they had heard rumors that there was one going to Hamilton Market where Chick-fil-A is currently located and that Chick-fil-A is moving from there. ‘across the road where the Ruby Tuesdays was located. I heard the same thing. We’ll see if this turns out to be true. No work is being done right now on Old Ruby Tuesdays last week when I passed by.

Another PST listener said she heard rumors that there was drive-thru at the corner of Whitehorse-Mercerville Road and Route 33, where the gas station was located, near Applebees.

And where was Risoldi? I just learned that ShopRite Wines and Spirits is taking over a quarter of the old grocery store, leaving plenty of room for a Chipotle. What do you think?

Another good idea is the old Cost Cutters mall on Whitehorse-Mercerville Road. It would be nice to see this bustling mall again.

And across from Hamilton Honda where they just demolished the Garden State gas station?

All good ideas. I like the way a PST listener, who clearly likes Chipotle, said, “Anywhere”.

Other suggestions for Chipotle locations outside of Hamilton include the old Pizza Hut on Route 1 in Lawrence Township, across from Lawrence Mall, near East Windsor Target, and in Campus Town at the College of New Jersey.

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