What is Dolby Cinema and where can you watch it?

Home theater hardware has come a long way since Dolby Cinema first emerged in 2015. This includes home versions of laser projectors used for Dolby Vision, wide availability of Dolby Atmos-equipped audio and visual devices, and new technologies like OLED panels.

This got us wondering if you could recreate a Dolby Cinema experience at home.

We had the chance to speak to Jed Harmsen, Head of Cinema and Group Entertainment at Dolby Laboratories, to get his thoughts on immersing a home theater setup.

His response was encouraging, highlighting how simple it is for consumers to get devices with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, or both without the need for a specialty retailer. He also described Dolby’s efforts to make their technologies more accessible, streaming services, TV networks, movie producers, and even games, music, and live sports.

It looks like you could recreate the theater experience at home, but the specs only tell part of the story. He compares the theatrical experience to attending a concert instead of listening to the album at home – these are “completely different classes of experiences”.

Amazon’s Omni Series 4K UHD Smart TVs provide a low-cost entry point into the world of Dolby Vision-equipped TVs. Sonos’ line of smart speakers brings Dolby Atmos to your room, either as a soundbar to place next to your TV or as a wall mount. You’ll also need access to a streaming service that supports both, such as Netflix, Apple TV, or Disney+.

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