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Did you know that there are over 2.5 billion active Android users around the world? That’s a huge number of devices running this operating system, and tens of billions of photos and videos are taken daily.

The “Apple vs. Android” debate is brewing. The truth is, these are the two biggest operating systems by far, and regardless of where you are, they are both very relevant to industry, as well as video shooting.

A funny fact for you is that Android started in 2003 as a project of the American tech company Android Inc. and was designed as an operating system specifically for digital cameras. In 2004, the company pivoted and turned it into an operating system for phones, and there was no turning back. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of compatible mobile apps, including a number of video and photo editing software solutions.

For the photo and video world, smartphones aren’t just a novelty or a way to get some half-decent shots without a professional setup. Did you know that smartphone video has made its way into Hollywood movies? Smartphone photographs taken on both Android and iOS have won prizes in mainstream photography competitions.

Just like a photographer or videographer would in their studio, your smartphone can hold the suite you need to edit photos and videos right on your home screen.
The quality of cameras on Android

Cameras on Android phones have continued to develop and grow. You can get cameras on your phone with a resolution of over 100 MP, which would have been unthinkable 20 years ago. However, there is more to a camera than megapixels. Sensors and software play an important role, and these have also improved considerably in recent times.

The process of taking photo or video on Android is incredibly easy. Anyone could do it.

Camera mode can be found in the “Camera” smartphone app, and you can use the icon inside to toggle between choosing still images or videos.

To capture motion pictures or videos with your Android phone, switch camera mode in the Camera app to video recording. The same icon is used to switch between still and moving images. The shutter icon will take a still image and the video icon will take moving images with sound. Simple.

Simple tips for making sure your images are of the highest quality possible include checking your camera phone settings (some are set to capture at a lower quality than they are capable of to save space). Plus, it doesn’t hurt to learn a bit more about composition and always make sure there is plenty of light before taking a photo or video, to avoid that annoying grainy look.

To make your videos or photos look the best they can be, a little bit of processing will likely be necessary. Below, we dive into some of the best video editing and photo editing software that you can use to get the most out of your camera.

Best publishing software companies

These five companies produce apps for Android that can all help you edit your photos and / or videos to a high level.


Movavi creates editing software for Android devices as well as for iOS and for use with computer or Mac. Movavi Video Editor Plus is the complete software, but it also creates Movavi clips for mobile devices.

Movavi Clips can be the ideal solution for simple and straightforward editing. You can create simple transitions, trim your clips to the right size, create slideshows from still images, and even add titles, all from a single Android device.

As the Android platform has grown and improved, it is even possible to create larger projects with truly professional results. Whether you want to create videos for YouTube, home videos, or even corporate or professional clips, Movavi could provide the perfect solution.


Cateater has created more specialized software which is still very impressive, including a specialization for stop motion, and the ability to use your Android device to create stop motion video or even connect your camera and make 4K stop motion videos. . Although the company does not have “large scale” video production solutions, we are impressed with the application.


KineMaster is a company that has been making multimedia software for 18 years, and their focus has shifted to applications such as their video editing application. It allows you to create a video project that looks more professional and correct mistakes, as well as make a stylistic statement with your app.

The KineMaster suite includes “cutting-edge technologies in video and audio codecs, streaming protocols, media containers, and post-processing.”


If you focus more on photo editing software, you can use some of the best mobile apps for editing still images on the go, made by software giant Adobe. Adobe also makes video editing software and the humble PDF reader, and the company has been providing sophisticated solutions for decades.

Mobile solutions for Android include Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom has long been used by computer photographers, but the same color temperature settings and even simple retouching and editing tools are now available for Android photographers. Adobe also produces the world famous Photoshop software.


InShot is a Chinese application developer who creates InShot Video Editor & Maker. It is good for those who want to create catchy little videos for social media platforms. It allows you to trim, crop and merge videos and export in the ideal sizes for Instagram and other social media apps. It also contains many effects and stickers.

InShot is clearly a company that focuses on social media rather than directing its products to the movie industry. Their company’s social media has posts like “how to make a reaction video,” so their apps clearly focus on short videos for YouTube and Instagram.


It can be difficult trying to find the right apps for any purpose. The Android platform and Google Play Store are packed with options, and there are hundreds of options for editing photos and videos.

Some of them, like the ones mentioned in this guide, are simple business tools. Some options on the market are plagued with paid ads and add-ons, so take the time to do your research before hitting the download button.

A little photo and video editing can go a long way. If you want your video to stand out from the crowd and harness the tremendous potential of your Android device’s camera, the apps and tips in this guide can help you along the way.


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