UTEC leverages Microsoft Azure to cost-effectively bring customers to the cloud


Leading Managed Technology Service Provider Helps Local Businesses Shift From Obsolete Servers With A Seamless Transition To The Cloud

ANN ARBOR, MI — Aug 12, 2021 – UTEC, a leading provider of managed technology services (MTSP) relies on Microsoft Azure to help eliminate obsolete computer hardware in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and make a seamless transition to the cloud. Microsoft’s most common product suite has expired, like Windows 7, and those products and services have become obsolete along with the server they run on. UTEC has proactively moved businesses with end-of-life Microsoft products to Microsoft Azure to keep them up to date with today’s business world.

While many business owners are used to buying on-premises servers, this mode of data storage has become obsolete with the proliferation of the cloud. Aside from the fact that the tech world has embraced the cloud, and virtually all innovations from now on will integrate the cloud in some way or another, on-premises servers have become obsolete beyond their usefulness. useful life. On-premise servers are susceptible to becoming obsolete, causing major security concerns for business owners. On top of that, without regular updates and software upgrades, they’re likely to slow down while the rest of the world speeds up. In sum, it makes no sense for business owners to shell out large capital expenditures on deteriorating technology.

“Unfortunately, onsite just doesn’t make tax sense anymore,” said Les Harris, UTEC sales director for advanced technology and services. “While most businesses are growing and need scalable hardware, cloud servers suitable for a mobile workforce, and data that can be secured with confidence, the site has fallen behind. Since our clients’ businesses cannot afford this level of inefficiency within their organizations, we have been very proactive in initiating this transition. We have transitioned our customers to Azure, and will continue to do so, to stay ahead of the curve and, most importantly, to be profitable. “

Using cloud servers through Microsoft Azure allows businesses to benefit from regularly updated and upgraded hardware to maintain data integrity. Additionally, Microsoft Azure is a direct response to the growing demand for secure access to data from a mobile workforce that spans multiple locations. With Millennials and now Gen Z entering the workforce, these trends show no signs of slowing down.

Harris then continued, “In the near future, owning servers onsite will be like having a coin-operated phone in the lobby for your employees to use. How are your best people supposed to perform at cutting edge levels with outdated technology like this? “

On-premise servers have gone the fax route, and just as using older hardware increases costs through inefficiencies, on-premise servers need to be upgraded immediately. UTEC has positioned itself, along with its customers, at the forefront of ensuring that their customers remain productive, efficient and profitable with technology like Microsoft Azure.


UTEC was established in 1975 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. UTEC is a growing company recognized as a leader in office automation and information technology solutions and services. They offer cutting edge products and flawless customer service that have helped their operations grow and expand throughout Michigan. UTEC employs over 30 people and provides the following products and services: a variety of IT solutions including managed network capabilities, multifunction printers and copiers, managed print services, VoIP phone systems, digital displays and interactive, document management solutions, thermal imaging kiosks, postage meters and postage solutions. They can attribute much of their growth over the past few years to specializing in custom IT and Smart Office solutions.

UTEC’s goal extends beyond the products and services it offers. They are dedicated to supporting the local communities they operate, including many non-profit organizations, chambers of commerce, academics and academics, and sport.

For more information on UTEC’s commercial products and services, contact UTEC, 1995 Highland Drive, Suite. C, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. For online company and product information, visit our website at www.utecit.com.


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