Ubisoft will host a New York exhibition on video game photography

Ubisoft announced the Picture Mode in-game photography exhibition that invites all virtual photographers to participate for the chance to see their best video game shots showcased in a physical gallery in New York.

Video game photography has slowly grown in popularity over the past few years, to the point that most, if not all, single-player video games offer some form of in-game camera system. gamers feature robust manual camera controls that mimic those of real cameras.

Ubisoft has embraced this growing trend and has become the first major publisher to hold a photography contest that will give fans a chance to win a spot in their New York exhibit as well as other prizes, including a top MSI Raider laptop. range” and an art print of their in-game photo.

“In-game photography isn’t just about capturing the most realistic, awe-inspiring, or animated images, it’s about exploring the growing relationships we develop with these beautifully immersive worlds,” Ubisoft says.

“Today, our ambition is to offer a vast field of expression to promising young artists who push the limits of photography. Above all, we want to show everyone the incredible diversity of art forms and artists that make up the ever-changing world of photography in games.

Ubisoft photo mode

The Photomode contest is active until October 16, where users can upload photos in-game to be judged by Ubisoft’s chosen panel. Registration is free and judging will end on November 9. The competition will select winners in a variety of categories, including portraiture, outdoors and wildlife, experimentation, still architecture, movement, sports and storytelling. Ubisoft says it hopes to encourage players to capture stunning moments in Ubisoft’s virtual worlds and create a new aesthetic that reflects a personal touch. If it wasn’t clear, the entries must feature Ubisoft games.

Ubisoft photo mode

To enter, players can submit up to four photos in a single Instagram or Twitter post using the hashtag #UbisoftPhotomode or via Ubisoft.com/Photomode. The top three winners will win a trip to New York to see their photos on display, and a high-end MSI Raider GE67HX laptop to run the latest games with a free Ubisoft+ subscription for one year. Additional prizes for the top 20 winners include subscriptions to Ubisoft+ and art prints of their photos.

The physical art gallery will be on display for four days in New York City (exact physical gallery dates and location were not disclosed) as well as a dedicated digital gallery that will remain on display until July 2023.

Picture credits: Ubisoft

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