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By JAN GRIFFEY, Democrat Natchez

NATCHZ, Miss. (AP) — Tana Archer said she was a nervous wreck.

Mallory Archer, the daughter of Tana and Mark Archer and a registered nurse, heads to the border of Poland and Ukraine on May 14.

“I just have to go out there and pray for her,” Tana Archer said.

His daughter, a 2006 graduate of Trinity Episcopal Day School, lives in Jackson and works as a traveling nurse. Ironically, since October, she has been assigned to Merit Health Natchez, her hometown.

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She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Mississippi Medical Center. After high school, she played basketball for two years at Pearl River Community College.

Mallory discovered the opportunity to help alleviate suffering in Ukraine through a Facebook nursing group she participates in.

“This lady, who is a nurse, is the founder of a non-profit group and has worked in the past with children in Uganda. She was looking for anyone in nursing who would be interested in volunteering to go and help the people of Ukraine,” she said.

“I watch everything that’s going on there – all those innocent people losing their lives and losing everything. The opportunity presented itself and I did not hesitate.

Mallory, who is single, only has her dog, Lucy, an Australian Shepherd, to look after when she is away, but Lucy is used to staying with her parents, who will look after her while she is away. stay in Ukraine.

“I just want to help these people. Everyone’s life is important,” she said. “I’m not nervous yet, but I’m sure I will be. I’m more excited than anything. I’m happy to go help. I’m sure nerves will hit me when I’m ready to go.

Mallory said her parents have been very supportive.

“I told my mum a while ago that I had applied to go. When I finally told her I was going, she took this deep breath. She’s happy for me, and my dad is the same. They’re proud of me and they’re happy that I’m doing what I love to do and that I can put that to good use by going out there.

Mallory said the nonprofit group she travels with is fundraising on Facebook to help cover the cost of medical supplies and equipment.

“If anyone wants to donate, that money is strictly for medical supplies and equipment that we will use once we are there. It won’t cover any other costs like travel or anything else,” she said.

She warned others wishing to donate that the name of the fundraiser is Making a Difference in Uganda, which might confuse some.

“The lady who organized this is the founder of this organization and comes and goes to help babies in Uganda. Fundraising goes through his foundation, but donations will help Ukrainians,” she said.

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