This $48 trick from a viral TikTok is driving people crazy

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I’ve been spending too much time on TikTok lately. But I have definitely reconciled with my addiction. Plus, I actually have a good excuse to spend so much time in the app. It’s not really for fun, though. It’s for finding cool stuff like this portable projector trick from TikTok.

Of course, there are plenty of fun videos to enjoy. But as I said, that’s not the main reason. I actually don’t really spend time on TikTok for fun – although I have to say there is some really awesome content on TikTok these days… people are getting so creative!

The real reason I spend such a lewd time on TikTok is because I’ve discovered it’s a gold mine. I found all kinds of cool products and nifty tips and tricks that you really won’t find anywhere else. Now, there is a portable TikTok projector trick that you absolutely need to check out.

ELEPHAS Portable Mini LED Projector

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BGR may receive a commission

BGR may receive a commission

The trick of the TikTok portable projector

TikTok Portable Projector Tip

BGR Deals readers have been enjoying the fruits of my labor over the past few months, and that’s why I can’t leave TikTok any time soon. You should definitely check out my latest find, because it’s definitely one of the best.

A viral video on TikTok recently revealed the most brilliant portable projector trick that instantly teleports you virtually anywhere in the world. All you need is a simple mini projector on Amazon, and two best-selling models are currently on sale at deep discounts.

You can choose the #1 bestseller PVO YG300 Pro Mini Projector on sale for $55.99. Or the Elephas mini projector it’s almost as popular dropped to just $49.49 thanks to a clippable coupon!

In its first week alone, more than 2.3 million people viewed TikTok user Nam Pham’s stunning viral video. It has now been viewed tens of millions of times.

How crazy is that? However, when you take a look at it, you will instantly understand why this nifty trick has been shared on the internet. It’s brilliant!

Here is the video:


I will use it now if I want to relax and unwind #relax #projector #chill #aquarium #clock #rain #fakewindowchallenge

♬ nhạc nền – ʜɪᴍ – Ready.

An easy and fun TikTok trick

As you can see, this TikTok portable projector trick is awesome. Pham has a bare wall next to her bed. You can of course use any wall in any room, not just a wall in your bedroom. Then, with a small, inexpensive projector, Pham projects all sorts of different scenes onto the wall next to her bed.

The first example of his TikTok is an aquarium scene, but things get really cool after that. He projects a window onto his wall. It’s as if he was instantly transported to the tropics!

All you need to make it yourself is an empty wall and a small, inexpensive projector.

the PVO YG300 Pro Mini Projector is the best-selling option and it has thousands of Amazon ratings. It’s on sale now for $55.99. Or get the Elephas mini projector for even less when it’s $47.99.

For landscapes, here is a direct link to the free YouTube video of TikTok tropical view of Pham if you want to try the same on your wall. This YouTube channel has many other great options for window display videos, and you’ll find countless more if you search.

What an awesome TikTok trick, and all you need is a portable projector!

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