The redesign of the Google Photos Library tab has been delayed and it will change again before it arrives

Google makes changes from what it originally announced


Google announced an upcoming redesign of its Photos app in March, but the upgrade never made it to Android phones. The company has now confirmed 9to5Google that the update has been delayed and that there will be “a few more changes” before it rolls out. Google originally announced that the update would be rolling out “in the coming weeks” after its March 22 announcement, but the feature never landed. We don’t know when it will arrive now or how it will change from what was originally revealed.

The update has been set to significantly redesign the Library tab with a grid of albums welcoming you as you enter this menu. This meant you’d see your favorites first, the phone’s camera roll, and then a variety of other albums. To dig into your photos, you could have used various bullets at the top of the grid to filter, including options like On Device or Shared Albums.


The options for Favorites, Utilities, Archives, and Trash have also been moved to a list after the grid view in this tab, which has made these a little harder to find as they are currently in top of the library view. It also introduced a new option in this list to import physical and digital photos and videos into Google’s service. Pressing this button will bring you to a page designed to help you transfer photos from digital cameras or other cloud storage services.

It’s currently unclear what Google plans to change before rolling out the update or when it will arrive. It’s also unclear what happened here, but Google may have heard user feedback and decided to change a few things before pushing the changes to Android phones. Oddly, the update started rolling out to iPhone and iPad users, but it was later rolled back, so it’s not available right now.

As part of the announcement, a redesigned Sharing tab has also been revealed. According to Google, this feature will continue to roll out over the “coming weeks” with an upcoming iOS update. Changes include a locked folder as well as an easier-to-analyze list of sections that starts with Partner Sharing and is followed by Albums, Conversations, and Shared Links.


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