The best tech stocks to buy this weekend



by Adilin Béatrice

July 10, 2021

Some leading technology stocks to buy long-term yielding earnings and require the patience of investors

Patience pays; This is something tech stocks continue to prove to their investors. While tech stock prices experienced extreme volatility earlier this year, its comeback changed everything. The tech sector has recently gained the attention of investors, thanks to the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence and other technologies. Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole world has locked itself in, pushing businesses and organizations to work in remote modes. When the virtual way of working was streamlined, companies began to research technologies to improve their daily routine. The growing reliance on technology and people’s optimism towards the industry has made everyone try their hand at the best tech stocks to buy. As we move into the second half of 2021, tech stocks as well as the broader stock market continue to show price spikes. Obviously, tech companies are making big profits in the market scenario as well. They are expanding their bases and increasing their offerings to expand more opportunities. While some buyable tech stocks show an immediate rise in price, others require patience. Some successful investors have reaped the maximum profit by waiting years for technology stock prices to rise. In this article, Analytics Insight has listed the top tech stocks to buy this weekend.

The best tech stocks to buy this weekend

Constellation Software

Constellation Software is a leading provider of software and services to a group of public and private sector markets. The company acquires, manages and develops industry-specific software activities that provide specialized and mission-critical software solutions that meet the unique needs of its customers. Constellation Software provides innovative software installations to a variety of industries including agriculture, utilities, aerospace, oil and gas, education, pharmaceuticals, and more. Fortunately, it is picking up its pace with the growing digital trend.

Canon Inc

Canon Inc is a professional and consumer imaging solutions company and holder of a digital imaging technology patent. The company’s proprietary products include networked multifunction devices, digital and analog copiers, computer peripherals, fax machines, image archiving systems, camcorders, cameras and lenses, semiconductors and broadcast and medical equipment. Based in Japan, Canon is recognized around the world for its innovative product line. In June, Canon stocks did not perform remarkably well. But based on the average daily market value, enthusiasts predict it could peak in the coming days.

Marine software

Marin Software provides a leading cross-channel performance advertising platform used by advertisers and agencies to power their paid marketing programs. The company provides customers, revenue and return on investment to digital advertisers. Its flagship product “MarinOne” addresses all the digital challenges facing marketers. Marin One helps maximize the outcome of users’ digital campaigns by providing a single view of the customer. The company’s stock prices have continued to climb over the past week, as its ad management platform now allows users to manage Instacard ads.

ZW Data Action Technologies

ZW Data Action Technologies is an integrated provider of online advertising, precision marketing, data analytics and other value-added service provider. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Beijing, the company relies on a fully integrated service platform, a proprietary database and cutting-edge algorithms to deliver personalized products. ZW Data Action Technologies shares recently fell 6.45%. But its strategic collaborations should return the course of its technological action to the old form.


Cerence, a spin-off of Nuance Communications, Inc., is an automotive software provider. The company fulfills its mission of creating immersive experiences that make people happier, safer, more informed and more entertained in their cars. With the help of conversational AI products, Cerence unites transportation and the digital lives of consumers with a modern mobility experience. Cerence shares are performing well in the market with a peak recorded of 8.10% last week.

Exela Technologies

Excela Technologies is a leader in Business Process Automation (BPA), leveraging a global presence and proprietary technology to deliver digital transformation solutions that improve quality, productivity and user experience. final. The company leverages workflow automation, assisted and unassisted cognitive automation, digital mailrooms, print communications, and payment processing. To revive its stock price from subsequent declines, the company announced US $ 150 million as part of the market share program to improve its liquidity position.


OpenText is a global leader in information management, helping businesses capture, govern and exchange information securely on a global scale. The company’s software seamlessly combines collaboration with content management, turning information into knowledge that forms the basis for innovation, compliance and accelerated growth. OpenText’s stock shows that it is just valued in the market. At its current market capitalization of US $ 14.1 billion, the company is expected to welcome more investors.


Nuvei, is a financial services company that provides its clients with technological payment solutions. Nuvei services support ISOs, ISVs, payment facilitators, developers and e-commerce platforms. The company operates mobile payments, online payments and in-store payment solutions for its customers. Geographically, the company has a remarkable presence in the United States and in European countries. With the arrival of 5G in the world, Nuvei shares are expected to experience drastic growth in the coming months.


Shopify, is a commerce platform that allows anyone to create an online store and sell their products. Users can also sell their products to someone with Shopify POS. With its user-friendly interface, professional design and ease of use, Shopify attracted 1 million users in 2019. Shopfiy’s stock prices have seen successive increases over the past month before experiencing a sudden drop. The company’s stock prices fell amid its sudden announcement to cut App Store user fees for developers.

Speed ​​of light

Lightspeed POS Inc provides an omnichannel commerce SaaS platform. The company’s software platform leverages customers with the features they need to interact with consumers, manage their transactions, accept payments and grow their business. Lightspeed stock is one of the leading growth stocks in the tech stock market. It went public in March 2019 and has since returned an excellent 473%.

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