Struggling with different copier and computer systems?

Expand your product offerings?

You’re not alone. As the office environment has evolved, many copier dealerships have expanded to offer additional product offerings. SalesChain recognizes that office automation is a dynamic and rapidly changing industry. Over the past 20 years, print has evolved into a hybrid model of analog copies and digital documents. We’ve seen people move into many areas, but IT products and services are among the most common as it’s a natural focus for dealerships. New products in the computer field arrive every day and older products become obsolete. In a recent podcast appearance, Tim Szczygiel, CEO of SalesChain, emphasizes that dealerships need to stay relevant and adapt to new products, acknowledging the “integrated nature” of the industry.

Separate software is a struggle

Our tech-driven world is no longer just impressed by big data, it’s waiting for big data. Nothing is more frustrating than when this information is spread across different systems and spreadsheets, giving you an incomplete picture of your business.

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Automating dealership workflow for 20 years; What’s going on at SalesChain

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