Sonic the Hedgehog Brings Metal Sonic Back to Its Brutal Original Representation

Metal Sonic is back in IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series, where he’s portrayed more in line with his brutal origins from the Sonic CD game.

Spoilers ahead for Sonic the Hedgehog #52!

IDW Publishing sonic the hedgehog the comic brings sonic metal back to its brutal origins when the Badnik made its video game debut sonic cd. But rather than harming non-anthropomorphic animals like he once did, Dr. Eggman’s secret weapon is now attacking his own brother.

Although the heroic hedgehog “beats” the mechanized version of himself only once in 1993 sonic cd, Sega gave Metal Sonic a far bigger role than any other game franchise boss except for Dr. Eggman himself. Early in the Sega CD release, Metal Sonic captures Blue Blur’s self-proclaimed girlfriend, Amy Rose, to lure her living counterpart into many of Dr. Eggman’s traps. But what players may remember most about Metal Sonic is how the game portrays him leading up to Amy’s capture. Sonic first sees holograms of the mechanized hedgehog kicking and harassing animals through spotlights that Dr. Eggman has set up in certain levels.


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IDW now returns the Badnik to its brutal original depiction in sonic the hedgehog #52 by writer and artist Evan Stanley, inkers Maria Keane and Rik Mack, colorist Reggie Graham, and letterer Shawn Lee. Two issues earlier, Metal Sonic seems to share an emotional connection with Belle the Tinkerer because Dr. Eggman created her even though he was under the influence of his good alter ego, Mr. Tinker at the time. Metal Sonic not only refuses to hurt Belle, but even protects her from some of Eggman’s other creations. Later, Belle tries to take advantage when her “brother” tries to attack Sonic by standing in the way. But rather than backing down, the mechanized hedgehog knocks her to the ground.

Metal Sonic doesn’t fall apart at any other point in IDW’s series, not even when he started taking over Planet Sonic to hand over the world to Eggman much earlier in the comics. Throughout these early issues, the ultimate Badnik focuses entirely on Sonic and his friends. At no time does he directly attack civilians or injure those who do not wish to fight. Metal Sonic slapping Belle by comparison these days undoubtedly reminds fans of when he once harassed animals in sonic cd. While there really is nothing more innocent than a helpless animal, Metal Sonic’s attack hits readers much deeper due to how he and Belle ostensibly connect a few issues before. The fact that she’s clearly not going to hurt him and putting herself in a vulnerable position out of trust makes Metal Sonic’s actions even more despicable. He could also easily avoid hurting her in any capacity by speeding around her to get to Sonic. Oddly, even pushing Belle aside would be less barbaric than a slap in comparison.

Anyway, IDW sonic the hedgehog still hasn’t gone as far as he can to fully describe sonic metal as dastardly as he was in sonic cd. The slap in the last issue of sonic the hedgehog is certainly shocking, but until sonic metal torments helpless creatures by continuously stomping on them, for example, it won’t be the same anymore. Let’s hope for the sake of these animals, Belle and the readers, that doesn’t happen.

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