Sheriff: 11 days after being reported missing, a man was found dead | Louisiana News

GREENSBURG, La. (AP) — Eleven days after he disappeared, a 65-year-old Louisiana man was found dead in the woods near his home, authorities said.

Steven Virgil Callison of St. Helena Parish was last seen on January 9. He was reported missing the next day. Her body was found Friday morning in a rural, isolated part of the parish northwest of Greensburg, The Advocate reported.

The search for Callison included rescue dogs, a helicopter and deputies on foot, according to the sheriff’s office.

“This is not the news we were praying for,” Sheriff Nat Williams said in a statement. “We remained hopeful.”

Callison had a medical condition and did not have certain unspecified medical equipment with him at the time of his disappearance, authorities said.

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He is the second person to disappear in the same area in just under a year.

The sheriff’s office said in December it would double the cash incentive offered for information on Keith Madison’s disappearance to $4,000. The 5-foot-7 (1.5-meter, 177.8-millimetre), 179-pound (81-kilogram) white man was last seen in February 2021 at his home near Callison’s home.

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