Reviews | Communist China is 100 years old. She’s not going anywhere.



The CCP, like all of China’s most successful former ruling classes, diligently reads historical events to learn from them. It helped him get through crises and often come out stronger. Take the Tiananmen Massacre of 1989. There the historical guide was the knowledge that among the many Chinese rebellions over several millennia, those led by scholars and intellectuals never succeeded. The CCP, then under the leadership of strongman Deng Xiaoping, estimated that there would be virtually no resistance, and few political consequences, to harshly crack down on pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square and that any boycott by the West would run out quickly. Indeed, foreign investors quickly flocked to China in greater numbers. Soon after, the country became “the factory of the world” and was rewarded with membership in the World Trade Organization.

The CCP also uses a proven tactic of stating falsehoods but presenting them as facts. Its root is an ancient Chinese proverb, “To declare a deer a horse” – the phrase explains the great value of telling blatant lies or telling blatant lies. do not intended to mislead or deceive. In a political context, this means that if someone powerful makes a patently false public statement and you publicly accept it to be true, then they know they can easily control you. The CCP often does this. The latest example, given by President Xi Jinping himself, was when he said that China seeks a “trustworthy”, “respectable” and “kind” international image.

Xi is well aware that some politicians and business interests in the West need cover to continue or resume comfortable business partnerships despite the much greater hostility towards China in many countries. Xi is aware that although President Biden recently called on the Western world to put up a strong front in resistance to the CCP’s ambitions, no country, not even the United States, has punished Beijing enough to jeopardize most of their commercial interests in China.

And so, by using these ancient Chinese political strategies and exploiting economic opportunities with the West to support its systemic repression, the CCP has achieved political stability. In 100 years – fleetingly short in Chinese history – it has reached broad and deep into the substratum of Chinese society like the solid roots of a banyan tree, merging every aspect of people’s lives with punishments and rewards, mixing the indigenous cultural norms and western materialistic consumption. It is almost impossible to uproot and overthrow a giant banyan tree.

Those in the West who think the CCP will implode and collapse rely on a simple narrative that the party feeds on an imported Leninist ideology that it imposes on a reluctant population aspiring to freedom and democracy. . But this view does not recognize the CCP as an exceptionally prosperous and rapacious Chinese ruling class that knows how to exploit the yin side, or the evil side, of Chinese culture, suck up dark matter to build muscle and live a long life, and now to threaten the West.


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