Review: BenQ X3000i projector

It’s been a while since normal service has resumed in cinemas but home cinema is here to stay. We’ve had our sights set on BenQ’s X3000i since it first showed off at CES 2022 earlier this year. This is the latest projector to join BenQ’s 4K projector lineup in India and it takes a serious step for gamers and movie buffs. BenQ has packed it with a premium feature set.

Cutting-edge design

The X3000i is designed to look good in your den or living room. We dig the cube-shaped design which is similar to what we first saw on the brand’s X1300i projector. It’s quite compact but don’t let the bulk fool you, this one weighs around 6.4kg. It’s definitely not light enough to throw in a large backpack for a road trip. While the remote is intuitive, the controls for the projector are fairly easy to find. You are also covered with multiple ports.

Android out of the box

While smart TVs have become the “old normal”, major projector brands continue to adapt to new market realities. Projectors quickly evolved from office equipment for the conference room to home entertainment device. A “smart” Android compatible projector makes it simple without needing another remote control for your streaming device. BenQ had its Android stick pre-installed in our test unit. The projector took a little while to sync with the remote in the box, which allowed me to set it up with my Android credits. It works great and is as easy as setting up an Android TV. However, I found myself leaning more towards my Apple TV (connected via one of the HDMI ports) in everyday use.

The players unite

The X3000i projector delivers native 4K image quality (3840×2160 pixels) at 60Hz refresh rate and 16ms response time, with HDR10 and HLG support, and a contrast ratio of 50,00,000:1. While the colors are quite bright, it’s the lack of input lag that gamers will really appreciate. The projector supports 240Hz refresh rate at 1080p resolution with 4ms response time. Serious gamers can choose from three game modes for audio and video settings. This includes first-person shooters, sports, and role-playing games.

Movie night proof

It is difficult to choose a hole in the color output. Apart from the smooth gaming experience, I also checked out a range of content including F1 and live cricket action. Another real test is how well the projectors handle black and white visuals. I watched about thirty minutes of man and the results were quite impressive. BenQ has equipped the projector with built-in 10W treVolo BenQ speakers with the Bongiovi Digital Power Station (DPS) algorithm for real-time sound optimization. Sound quality is impressive for the built-in speakers, but I’d still recommend pairing it with a soundbar for dialogue-driven dramas or action capers where the extra noise adds to your experience.

Movie night proof

The BenQ X3000i stands out for its image quality, gaming-friendly features and contemporary design. The other big win is Android out of the box, but at an asking price of Rs 4 lakh, it certainly doesn’t come cheap.

the BenQ X3000i costs Rs 4,00,000

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