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Projectors were once associated with classrooms and business meetings, but nowadays they are starting to appear in home theaters and living rooms as well.

Gone are the pixelated images and bulky units – in their place are sleek tech marvels with capabilities like Ultra HD, Bluetooth connectivity, and even built-in Android TV.

They also have many advantages over the traditional television screen. Here are six reasons why you should consider installing a projector in your living room.

No hacking or drilling needed

If you want a hassle-free setup, a projector is the way to go.

All you need for a basic setup is a table or console to place the projector on and a blank white wall – no hacking or drilling required.

You can choose to mount your projector on top and install a screen instead as a more permanent fixture.

These days short throw projectors are a popular option because they can be placed directly on a TV console.

Move it wherever you want

If your projector is stand-alone, you can move it anywhere – to the dining table for a Netflix session during dinner or in the bedroom for a late-night movie, without having to invest in a TV screen for each. space.

Place the projector on a table with casters or a chic bar cart for easy movement.

Much more screen space

For those who want the screen as big as possible, a projector is a great option because you are only limited by the size of your wall.

While it cannot compare to the stunning clarity of a QLED TV screen, images are still crisp and vivid, especially if the projector is equipped with 1080p HD functionality such as the EH-TW5820 from Epson.

No dedicated wall required

A blank TV taking up a wall can be an eyesore when not in use, but you won’t have that problem if you’re using a projection screen.

Most screens can be hidden away when not in use, leaving the wall behind free for other things like a photo gallery or shelves.

Mounting the projector screen in front of a window also works in small spaces where you don’t have much room.

Fairly affordable

With most TVs, the price goes up relative to screen size – but that doesn’t happen with projectors.

Projector costs range from a few hundred to thousands, but even the most premium ones rarely exceed the price of television screens.

When purchasing, be sure to check the cost of replacing the bulb. Most bulbs have a lifespan of 2000 hours.

Functionality not impacted

Whatever your laptop can do, so can your projector – whether it’s streaming Netflix movies, streaming a soccer game, or showing off a photo gallery at a family reunion.

Connecting to the projector is a snap, thanks to HDMI cables and wireless connections like Chromecast. Some projectors also come with smart functions like Android TV.

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