Premiere LSP7T review, LSP9T 4K: Projecting a top notch image


The Premiere LSP7T and LSP9T 4K projectors are the latest feature-rich products from Samsung, which has recently started to focus on its lifestyle product line. The LSP9T 4K is expensive, selling for Rs 6.3 lakh. This is a short throw projector which means it can project a 130 inch screen 11.3cm from the wall.

It comes with triple laser projector technology, one dedicated to red, green and blue. It has a 4.2 channel speaker configuration with built-in subwoofer.

The Sport Premiere LSP9T is minimalist in design, with a subtle fabric on the front hiding the speaker and a glossy finish at the top to enhance its premium quality.

The rear part, which faces the wall, has multiple ports, making it easy to hide cables. The projection quality is detailed, crisp and clear.

Colors are vivid at 2,800 lumens. The contrast and saturation levels are also good. The surprise, however, is its ability to provide bright, true-color output even in well-lit conditions.

It also offers HDR10 + support. Its built-in 4.2-channel speaker setup and Acoustic Beam technology also do a good job.

The surround effect gives the impression that the sound is coming out of the wall. The bass is decent, although the treble could have been better. The projector features the Samsung Tizen operating system, which provides a smooth overall experience and includes popular OTT apps.

From the projection quality to the sound output, everything about the Premiere LSP9T is top notch.

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