Peacemaker poster shows James Gunn’s superhero team together

A new poster for DC and HBO’s Max’s Peacemaker shows the main character John Cena with his team of allies, including his companion eagle and Vigilante.

A new poster for James Gunn and DC’s The suicide squad derivative series Peacemaker shows the main character of John Cena alongside his new team of heroes and allies. Introduced in 2021 The suicide squad, Cena’s Peacemaker was described by the actor as “a Captain America shower“; a parody of the classic comic book super-patriotic heroes. The colorful, helmet-wearing crusader loves peace so much he’s willing to kill for it, and he was one of the blockbuster’s many out-of-the-ordinary comedic characters After the successful semi-reboot, Gunn quickly announced an HBO Max spinoff series based on the comic book hero, set to continue its story.


Peacemaker will see the main character, real name Christopher Smith, reunite with ARGUS agents and other allies old and new to embark on an important secret mission. The show will also explore elements of the character’s origin and what prompted him to don the colorful costume. Starting in early 2022, the series is the first live-action show fully connected to the current DCEU canon of the films.

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Gunn took to Twitter to share a new Peacemaker poster, which shows the audience the team of headlining faces of the spin-off. As expected, Cena’s main character comes to the fore alongside his staunch sidekick Eagly. The other members of the Peacemaker together are also present, a back combination The suicide squad characters and newcomers to the franchise. Check out the poster in the space below:

Peacekeeper Show Poster

Similar to recent Peacemaker Trailer released, the poster exemplifies the show’s irreverent tone that will set it apart from other comic book adaptations. More specifically, the slogan “They give peace a bad name” is fun given the irony, as it highlights the team’s penchant for brutal violence in order to accomplish their mission. The imagery of Vigilante wielding a chainsaw and raising a thumb is also amusing, suggesting that the character will rejoice in murdering enemies. It is clear from all the Peacemaker Marketing to this day, these characters aren’t traditional heroes, but they’ll still be entertaining to watch on screen – especially when presented through Gunn’s lens, as he’s made a career of bringing this to life. kind of stories.

The new series appears to retain the same dry, unapologetic humor that Gunn perfected in his Suicide Squad movie. Like this movie, however, there should also be a hidden heart underneath and an emphasis on unlikely friendships. This new poster gives fans a chance to see what relationships might be formed as this new group of eccentrics come together to fight the good fight. Peacemaker debuts on HBO Max on January 13.

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Source: Twitter / James Gunn

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