Palomar Health donates unused medical supplies to Ukraine

ESCONDIDO, Calif. — As fighting continues in Ukraine, hospitals and nonprofits in San Diego are stepping up to help.

Palomar Health is providing unused medical supplies to help people in need in Ukraine. Palomar workers are teaming up with the non-profit organization SSUBI to pack surgical and trauma kits into this warehouse to be shipped to Ukraine.

“All the supplies you would find in a hospital are here. We send wound care,” says SSUBI founder Laura Luxemburg. “Our supplies are what you would need to run a hospital, so we would take care of the most important supplies. We have IV kits. We have traumatic wound kits. We have surgical kits. Anesthesia kits which are very necessary. I understand they do a lot of surgeries without painkillers or anything.

Palomar Hospital contributed some of the supplies sent, in an effort led by one of its own surgeons.

“We are very privileged to have Dr. Bulkin here as a vascular surgeon at Palomar,” said Kristin Gaspar, CEO of the Palomar Health Foundation. “He came to the foundation and said I had a way to help the Ukrainian people.”

Dr. Anatoly Bulkin is working with the US Embassy to identify hospitals that are operational and in urgent need of medical supplies and equipment.

“Because Dr. Bulkin has close ties with his friends and family, boots on the ground in Ukraine, we can make sure supplies get to the right places,” says Gaspar.

Dr. Bulkin also intends to assemble and lead a team of Palomar health workers to provide lifesaving humanitarian medical care once the United States allows civilians to enter Ukraine.

Nonprofit and healthcare workers hope to be able to ship these boxes of supplies by the first week of April.

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