New Historic Marker Honors Texas Tech Alumni Association


Thursday, an event in preparation for five years took place on the campus of Texas Tech University. An official marker from the Texas Historical Commission has been dedicated to the Texas Tech Alumni Association.

Chris Snead, vice president of the Texas Tech Alumni Association, Curt Langford, president of the TTAA, Dr. Bill Dean, former president and CEO of the Texas Tech Alumni Association, and Dr. Lawrence Schovanec, president of Texas have gave their best “Guns Up” after the ceremony. Tech University (photo above).

The historical marker begins with: “The first class of Texas Technological College graduated on May 30, 1927. Wanting to stay in touch with their alma mater, these students immediately formed the Texas Technological College Alumni Association. “

And the text on the marker ends with: “… The Association moved to the former president’s house in 1969, and renovated and expanded the facility in the 1990s. The Merket Alumni Center was completed in 1995, remodeled again in 2021 and renamed the McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center. The Frazier Alumni Pavilion, near the football stadium, has been a gathering place for match days and special events since it opened in 1999. The association celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2002 with a new official name, The Texas Tech Alumni Association. “

Texas Tech Alumni Association, Facebook

The McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center is officially located at 2521 17th Street on the Texas Tech campus. The facility is now used for many events including banquets, wedding receptions, official campus meetings, private receptions, press conferences, and the annual Texas Tech University Class Rings presentation to students. qualified.

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