Nationwide pandemic shortages impacting Bluegrass



LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) – A national medical equipment shortage linked to a pandemic is impacting Kentucky.

Bluegrass Orthopedics serves thousands of people in the Lexington area.

Andrew Carlson is director of business development and purchases supplies for the firm. He says it’s clear there is a looming shortage.

“In orthopedics in particular, I would say that we are running very little short of random supplies. Depending on the month, right now those are crutches. There is a national shortage of aluminum. There is also a national shortage of rubber. So being able to make the crutches was difficult, ”said Carlson.

They currently have enough to live on but are worried about the future.

“I would be really tough if we didn’t have crutches to provide our clients and patients. It would be really hard to be hard pressed to do a lot of the things we need them to do,” said the physiotherapist assistant Justin Ingles. .

Experts say it’s because of a shortage of all kinds of raw materials, from plastics to metals.

“We’re doing our best. We’re looking for, you know, crutches if people have them,” Carlson said.

He says even having 20 would make a difference in their different locations.

“Obviously, if the crutches are donated, we give them to patients for free. But we look to the community for help,” Carlson said. “It’s not just Bluegrass Orthopedic that’s struggling with this. You know, every healthcare industry is grappling with supplies right now. “

Carlson says they’re also seeing delays in getting rubber gloves and drugs like injectables.


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