MITA Applauds NIST Update on Consumer Software Definition and Calls for Replication in Latest Draft IoT Document

Washington, DC – The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) – the leading trade association representing manufacturers of medical imaging equipment, radiopharmaceuticals, contrast media and focused ultrasound therapy devices – has submitted comments to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) seeking clarification on its definition of consumer IoT products to distinguish it from non-consumer products in its recent draft document, “Consumer Cybersecurity Labeling for IoT Products – Discussion Draft on the Path Forward”.

“In a previous update, NIST acknowledged a difference in complexity between the ‘consumer’ and ‘non-consumer’ categories and asserted that medical imaging devices, among other regulated devices, already meet rigorous requirements. monitoring and labeling. We appreciate these efforts and want to ensure that this distinction continues in future work on this issue,” said Patrick Hope, Executive Director, MITA. “The inclusion of this clarification will prevent duplicate efforts, limit unnecessary administrative burden and reduce confusion for hospitals and physicians. It also highlights the need to separate the regulatory treatment of medical devices from consumer goods in other areas.”

MITA encourages NIST to apply a similar working definition to consumer IoT products and other consumer-specific labeling criteria. which he did for Consumer Software.

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About MITA

MITA is the collective voice of manufacturers of medical imaging equipment, radiopharmaceuticals, contrast media and focused ultrasound therapy devices. It represents companies whose sales account for more than 90% of the global medical imaging innovation market. These products include: magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), medical x-ray equipment, computed tomography (CT) scanners, ultrasound, nuclear imaging, radiopharmaceuticals, and health information systems. imagery. Technologies from MITA member companies are an important part of our country’s healthcare infrastructure and are essential for the screening, diagnosis, staging, management and effective treatment of patients with cancer, heart disease , neurological degeneration and many other medical conditions.

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