Marvel’s “Eternals” review and director Scott Cooper talk about “Antlers”



Director Scott Cooper joins the series to discuss his first horror film, Drink, with Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons. We go into the conception of his creature and collaborate with a master like Guillermo del Toro, his storytelling approach, filming with digital cameras for the first time and more.

by marvel Eternals is finally hitting theaters this weekend. Stay on the show to hear our spoiler-free review of the film, as well as a spoiler-filled section on the film’s broader implications for the MCU as a whole.

Podcast timestamp (approximately only)

  • 00:03:14 – Weekly survey
  • 00:07:48 – Interview with Scott Cooper
  • 00:28:26 – Morbius Trailer
  • 00:40:00 – The more they fall Review
  • 00:45:51 – Bullfinch Review
  • 00:55:29 – Red Notice Review
  • 00:59:16 – Spencer Review
  • 01:06:45 – Marvel’s Eternals Spoiler-free review
  • 01:21:03 – Eternals Spoilers
  • 01:31:29 – Our favorite Idris Elba movies
  • 01:37:32 – End

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