Los Angeles Children of War Foundation charity sends much-needed medical supplies to Ukraine

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Needs are growing for refugees and other Ukrainians whose lives have been torn apart by the invasion. Millions of children are part of it. An organization in Los Angeles is trying to alleviate some of the suffering.

The Children of War Foundation has been in existence for over a decade. They send pallets of medical supplies to Ukraine.

“We have a bunch of medical and surgical equipment, in particular, that will be brought to Ukraine in some of the areas that need it the most, brought by the Children of War Foundation and with the help of many donors,” said the surgeon at Harbor UCLA Medical Center. said Eric Simms.

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Children of War volunteer James Axiotis says one thing he loves about Children of War is that they are UN accredited.

He says they are all volunteers. They don’t have salaried employees so they just work with local communities in any country.

He says they need to get into countries and find what they need quickly and sustainably, and then get it to them.

Simms says all medical supplies are desperately needed in hospitals that are equipment baronial.

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The Children of War Foundation’s mission to give feeds his soul.

“I’m a doctor. It makes me feel good. It’s what drives me,” Simms said. “The most important thing I do is help others. I’m half Ukrainian, so beyond that, it’s personal to me.”

According to Axiotis, Children of War is on a mission to provide healthcare and global education to communities affected by war, poverty, natural disasters, discrimination and climate change.

Volunteers like Axiotis are risking their lives to get medical supplies to war-torn countries like Ukraine.

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“I know the risks obviously, but we just have to go there and we have to go where the crisis is needed, and right now that’s Ukraine,” Axiotis said.

Children of War Foundation volunteers make it clear that if the community does not open their hearts to donate, their efforts to help those in need could not happen.

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