If Apple made a professional camera, this is what it might look like


The proposed Apple ProCam refers to a product launched in the 1990s.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa /ADR Studio

A concept designer explored the possibility of an Apple standalone camera for professionals. The Apple ProCam is packed with features, such as 8K support and a built-in photo printer.

All of this begs the question, is this a product that makes sense to Apple?

Apple ProCam is… interesting

Sometimes concept devices are based on leaks from Apple or its suppliers. This is not the case for the ProCam. It is a thought experiment of Antonio De Rosa from ADR Studio.

It apparently seeks to answer the question, if Apple were to make a camera for professional photographers, what features might be included?

The device envisioned by De Rosa includes features not available on an iPhone camera, such as a built-in StyleWriter Compact inkless printer and support for adding professional-grade camera lenses.

The Apple ProCam concept includes an integrated printer.
The Apple ProCam concept includes an integrated image printer.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa /ADR Studio

But De Rosa has also included familiar features in the Apple ProCam, like Siri and an M1 processor. Plus, there’s a scroll wheel that’s a mix of old and new. It looks like the digital crown of an Apple Watch, but includes a miniature touchscreen that can easily be reused.

There is a crown which is also a small touchscreen.
Obviously, a lot of thought has gone into this concept.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa /ADR Studio

Not completely out of the blue

While the Apple ProCam might seem like an odd product idea to explore, there is a certain story behind it. The Apple QuickTake was one of the first consumer digital cameras. However, this product was totally bombed in 1994.

Today, Apple manufactures a camera that is used by many professional photographers. It’s called an iPhone. (Maybe you’ve heard of it.)

The iPhone’s photographic success is probably the biggest reason Apple won’t make a standalone 8K camera for professionals. Although it’s an interesting concept.


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