iCreditWorks Announces Addition of TrueZERO% Installment Loan to Extensive Point-of-Sale Product Lineup

“Today’s consumers demand simple, responsible and transparent loan products”, said Stephen E. Sweeneypresident and founder of iCreditWorks. “Many deferred interest products are misunderstood by consumers and we are committed to providing a better financing experience. The TrueZERO% is a transparent 0% interest rate product that sets the new standard in low cost lending. the consumption.”

Offering consumers a clear path to repayment, the TrueZERO% installment loan is unique in a market where deferred interest loan products and revolvers are prevalent. By selecting a TrueZERO% installment loan, a consumer’s loan principal balance is simply divided into 12 equal monthly installments with no accrued interest.

“TrueZERO% represents the continued expansion of point-of-sale products offered through the iCreditWorks platform,” says Cristian Mandachescu, Chief Risk Officer. “We are committed to empowering consumers to say ‘YES’ to their treatment, by providing access to a suite of installment loan products that helps everyone find an ideal and affordable financing option.”

The TrueZERO% installment loan product will be offered by all healthcare providers participating in the iCreditWorks credit program. TrueZERO% represents the newest addition to the lending products offered by iCreditWorks, which also includes standard installment loans and “interest-free” incentive loans up to $20,000. iCreditWorks believes in responsible lending and only provides access to affordable financing options that allow consumers to pay for the care they deserve.

*All loans issued by WebBank, Member FDIC.

About iCreditWorks
iCreditWorks leverages innovative technology and mobility to deliver an omnichannel platform experience that provides access to a wide range of “point-of-sale” (POS) financing products, empowering consumers to take control of their financing . The first-of-its-kind iCreditWorks native mobile app delivers a simple, seamless, and secure financing experience that redefines the consumer journey.

To learn more about the Company, please visit www.icreditworks.com.

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