How to Play Sens in Rainbow Six Siege

Sens is the newest operator of Rainbow Six Siege, introducing a new ROU spotlight that can easily cover their team with ease. The valuable gadget creates a wall of light that most Operators can see through, providing an extra layer of protection as your team moves across the map. Sens also has a robust loadout with a few different options, allowing players to fine-tune their loadout as per their needs.

Understand how to play Sens by Rainbow Six Siege can give your team the support they need to succeed. Let’s take a look at their gear and gadgets to understand the best way to use Sens.

Senses can choose between the POF-9 Assault Rifle or the Marksman 417 Rifle. The POF-9 holds 51 rounds per magazine, allowing players to fire dozens of rounds at range as needed. But it also has considerable recoil, so testing it out in the range first might be the best bet.

The Marksman 417 Rifle should be familiar to Twitch and Lion players since it’s also part of their loadout. This weapon is best suited for controlled fire and the available optics allow players to engage enemies from a distance. Both the 417 and the POF-9 are viable choices and players need to find the gun that best suits their playstyle.

The SDP 9MMA and GONNE-6 are the secondary weapon choices available to Sens. The SDP is a decent option, but most players will probably go for the GONNE-6 because it can destroy operator gadgets. This is crucial for the Senses as they can get rid of gadgets that can see through their wall, like Maestro’s Evil Eyes.

Sens has a choice of hard breach charges or claymores as a gadget. Both options are useful in different scenarios, so try to choose which one will be the most efficient for your team loadout and composition. While figuring out the right loadout for the Senses is a crucial part of success, you also need to know how to use their ROU projector system effectively.

Picture via Ubisoft

Sens’ ROU floodlight system creates a wall of light, providing a layer of coverage for them and their teammates. Players are still vulnerable as the wall does not stop bullets or abilities but prevents enemies from tracking your movements. Effective use of the Sense ability can make it easier to capture a site, plant the bomb, or evade a sticky situation.

The ROU floodlight system deploys small floodlights along its path, meaning players can line up their throws to create a unique wall of light. The device bounces off surfaces, which means you can bend the wall of light to suit your needs. You can, for example, create a small cover pocket for your teammate to plant the bomb without obstructing the view of an entire room. You can also curve the wall to block multiple entrances or windows once you have determined the proper alignment.

It’s important to stay alive as Sens since they fulfill a support role for attackers. Dying early without using their ability puts their team at a disadvantage, so make sure you’re not the first player in the building. Coordinate with your team to decide where the wall of light is needed to create cover for your teammates. You can also use the wall to try and fool defenders, but that wastes a vital ability, so seriously consider the downsides before committing to the diversion.

There are a few Sens counters that every Sens player should consider. Warden can see through their wall with his glasses, effectively negating the wall of light. Maestro’s Evil Eyes can also see through the wall. Prepare to eliminate Evil Eyes before deploying your wall, and try to eliminate Warden before using the wall if possible. Warden can easily kill players using the wall as cover and can let his team know your location.

Glaze’s scope can also see through the wall, meaning you can coordinate to help create one-way smoke. Deploy the wall on a door or window, allowing the Glaz player to kill an unsuspecting player. Enemies will eventually figure out this tactic, but it’s still a great way to get a few cheeky kills.

Sens has the potential to be a powerful Headquarters Operator, but only if you understand how to use them. Practice with their gadget and learn how to effectively create cover for your team while leaving your opponents vulnerable.

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