Google Nest Unveils Latest Home Security Cameras … and Focuses on Cheaper Costs


Google Nest has announced a slew of new or revised products for its camera line, including the battery-powered Google Nest Cam (which can be mounted indoors or outdoors) and Google Nest Doorbell.

The first on sale are the battery-powered Nest Cam and the battery-powered Nest Doorbell which are already available for pre-order and shipping on August 24. Next is a Nest Cam with Floodlight and a 2nd gen wired Nest Cam.

The new cameras will all feature on-board processing to separate the movements of people, animals and vehicles, minimizing unnecessary alerts which, for users of smart home cameras with motion detection, can be a real headache. The Nest Doorbell will also be able to distinguish packages.

Some of these technologies have been seen before, for example on the Arlo Essential wireless video doorbell, but what’s really interesting is how advanced these features are – and the line “On-device processing means it all works right off the bat. the box, no subscription required ”- were in the press release.

Nest Doorbell (battery) (Image credit: Google)

With a few exceptions, a typical smart home camera can provide a live feed to an app and send motion alerts, but beyond that, customers are pushed into a cloud subscription. It is remarkable that repression is recognized in any way.

The new Nest Cam will also offer non-subscribers clip storage allowing them to view video clips of events for up to three hours. This beats stills in the existing Nest Cam’s three-hour event histories, although you still have to take one of the subscription options for 30-day or 60-day cloud storage and ‘face detection. familiar ”.

The battery-powered Nest Cam will offer 130˚ field of view, HDR, night mode, magnetic mounting for easy installation. It will cost $ 179 / £ 179.99.

An indoor stand and weatherproof cable (for those who prefer hardwiring) will be part of the accessories, and the latter will be required for 24/7 recording.

Nest Cam with projector (Image credit: Google)

The new battery-powered Nest Cam Doorbell features a striking new look over its wired-only predecessor, and also offers the video clip history upgrade for non-subscribers. The field of view drops slightly to 145Ëš but the camera is mounted vertically (3: 4), so it should be ideal for spotting packages for new alerts.

It’s taller, at 160mm, but no thicker than its predecessor, and available in a choice of four shades ranging from white to black, as well as $ 179 / £ 179.99, which brings the price down per compared to the predecessor even if the functionality increases (it can still be connected to the standard wiring if available).

Nest Cam (wired, indoor) (Image credit: Google)

Another complaint that traditional security camera installers often complain about about smart home devices is the dependence on an Internet connection. The two new cameras are equipped not only with batteries, but also with on-board storage. So if power, Wi-Fi, or both are lost, they can record about a week of clips. These will be sent back via the cloud when the service is restored (Nest did not opt ​​for the MicroSD card option).

It goes without saying, but these cameras fit into the Nest line-up and can be used with Google Assistant as well as apps for iPhone and Android.

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