Gallery: Under investigation with Liz Hayes



How? ‘Or’ What Under investigation with Liz Hayes to get her look with rear projections as the panel discusses unsolved crimes?

Supervising producer Gareth Harvey explains that he wanted a unique, realistic and “immersive” environment for the show Nine.

“I wanted both an ‘organic’ feel in the setting and also an immersive environment for the round table,” he says.

“I didn’t want the ‘video’ look of a green screen and originally thought about using LED wall panels. I then did a test shoot using projectors and immediately decided that they provided the “look” I was looking for. While chatting with the company that supplied the test projector, they praised the high-end Epson projectors. We therefore contacted Epson Australia. I also wanted the studio monitor and screen to look the same so I decided to rear projection for this element as well.

Harvey’s main requirement for Under investigation was to have projectors powerful enough to light a large studio without the projected image being washed out by studio lighting.

“It was also essential to have ultra-short throw projectors, so the projectors could be close to the studio backdrop and leave as much space as possible for the set and cameras without interfering with the projector beam. He adds.

The series uses two EB-1755UNL projectors equipped with ELPLX02 ultra-short throw lenses for the background and an EB-L1505UHNL projector equipped with an ELPLU03 short throw lens, for the rear projection screen.

8:45 p.m. Monday out of nine.


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