Facebook vs Twitter – What is Elon Musk buying? Robots?

Twitter versus Facebook (Getty)

Twitter versus Facebook (Getty)

In the world of social media, it stands tall against Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

Is Twitter worth it? Perhaps

Consider the numbers, Twitter versus the other two major social media platforms. NOTE: We don’t include Tik Tok because… well, you know. We don’t want to degrade ourselves or insult your intelligence.

Facebook: 2.45 billion active users worldwide

Twitter: 145 million “monetizable” daily users

Instagram: despite being part of the Facebook “family”, there are almost 815 million people who use the photo-sharing platform at least once or more per month.

One of the hits to Twitter over the years has been the number of fake accounts, or “bots.” Bots are digital programs that can be used to control a social media account. 5 years ago, it was estimated that 48 million Twitter accounts were bots. That number has come down a bit, but it’s still around 15%. Twitter has started putting an icon or lettering in fine print identifying remote accounts as such.

Facebook isn’t beyond reproach either.

According to statista.com, Facebook has taken action or removed approximately 1.7 billion fake accounts worldwide, or 2.45 billion regular users.

Instagram is Instagram… not really used for news or information distribution purposes.

Who do you know who has a Twitter account?

Think about it…who do you know who owns and regularly uses a Twitter account? Have you a? It seems, and I’ve said it many times, that what we hear the most about Twitter is when someone posts something stupid there and it gets picked up by other outlets. It’s not as user-friendly as Facebook or Instagram, and many users are turning away from it, especially older people.

Statista reports that in 2021, the average age range worldwide for Twitter ranges from 24 to 35 years old. The confusing myriad of hashtags and other emoticons is mind-numbing. Also, with the limited characters, it is difficult to share concise information.

Twitter’s best use is as a sharing platform to direct people to other content online. But it will be interesting to see what happens now with Musk in charge.

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