Embrace digitalization for a smarter future

Organizations around the world have come to embrace digitalization as an integral part of business. Going digital enables smarter, smoother approaches to modern workflows that can improve not only efficiency, but also the ability to adapt and thrive in challenging times.

Cloud services are a crucial part of digital transformation.

In the two years that working from home has grown in popularity, many business processes have moved to the cloud. Daily functions such as printing and scanning can now be performed from any computer connected to a cloud platform. Whether scanning web pages or printing documents from home business networks, the modern hybrid workplace needs professional imaging solutions that can combine the best of printing features physics and the enhanced functionality that the cloud makes possible.

However, cloud services and their use are sometimes limited by one important aspect: security. For many companies, cloud services represent another avenue where sensitive data can be compromised.


As a provider of professional imaging solutions, Canon understands the importance of securing cloud computing environments against threats.

Security is built into all of its devices, with multiple options to prevent data loss and protect against unwanted use of the device. Network security features can be configured to allow access only to authorized users and limit device communications to designated IP addresses. They can also control the availability of individual network protocols and ports.

To minimize the risk of documents being left unattended on the printer, Canon devices incorporate user authentication controls. Users can also embed watermarks on documents to discourage unauthorized copying or sending of confidential information.

Additionally, Canon printers use 256-bit AES encryption to protect print jobs sent over a network and enable encrypted PDFs. This means that even if a person ends up receiving a scanned document that is not intended for them, for example, they will not be able to access the document.

Endpoint Protection complements an already robust feature set that prevents file-based malware attacks and provides incident investigation and remediation capabilities and dynamic security alerts.


Beyond simple digital copiers, businesses today are looking for vendors that can provide extended services to increase productivity and operational efficiency.

To meet business needs for the hybrid workplace, Canon is empowering businesses through what it calls 3D – scanning, digitalization and digital transformation – with solutions categorized under Smart Workplace, Business Automation and documentation. Solutions such as Therefore Online, an award-winning cloud-based document management tool that makes documents available anywhere, anytime, have made the digital journey easier for businesses.

As the world prepares for a post-pandemic future, many digital capabilities such as automation and artificial intelligence will become more important. Canon’s business automation solutions use robotic process automation (RPA) technology that can automate certain repetitive tasks. These solutions allow knowledge workers to better streamline processes and teams to collaborate more effectively.

Powered by advanced facial recognition, Canon’s smart workspace solutions streamline company visitor check-in processes, print management and automated door or gate access, all with face verification, even with masks.

And as more companies embrace a combination of hot-desking and hybrid working, Canon has introduced a cloud-based resource reservation system that makes it easier for employees to book desks or rooms. The check-in process via QR code scan or facial recognition is also simple.

Mr. Andrew Koh recently returned to Singapore to lead Canon’s operations there after working in Canon’s offices in Malaysia and India.

“While the pandemic poses new challenges for businesses, it has also created new opportunities for growth and innovation. As more businesses establish hybrid working as a permanent arrangement, Canon is committed to ensuring the sustainability and resilience of our business customers by leveraging our expertise as a one-stop solution partner. to streamline and improve the productivity, efficiency and safety of their operations,” said Mr. Andrew Koh, Singapore Operations Group Manager, Canon Singapore.


At Canon, professional consultants curate a suite of solutions tailored to the customer’s digital transformation needs.

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