Editorial: Help the Bon Voisin Fund achieve another miracle | Editorial

Sponsored by The Roanoke Times, the Good Neighbors Fund has been a vital lifeline for those at risk of homelessness since the campaign began in 1985.

Last year, thanks to the generosity of this community, the Bons Voisins Fund received a record $ 276,374 in donations, almost double the amount raised in 2019, and approximately $ 85,000 more than the previous record, that had been established from the start. In 2008.

Melissa Woodson, executive director of the Roanoke area ministries, calls the 2020 results a miracle.

Few people know the huge difference these contributions have made as the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the foundations of the economy.

“As COVID escalated and the moratoriums were extended, people were coming here with huge bills,” Woodson said. “Case managers who work in our program have been able to donate more money than they traditionally donated and work with outside agencies that received government funding or outside agencies that received private funding. This provided case managers with additional resources, when a client walked in, “to roll up that person’s bill to get them back on track.”

During these difficult months made worse by the pandemic, many people who have never faced homelessness, including experienced business owners, have turned to ministries in the Roanoke area for help. ugly.

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