Each short film explained (are they Canon?)


Is a series of five fan shorts made in 2017 as part of a Conjuring film competition really hot in the franchise universe?

The universe of Conspiracy currently houses eight feature films, but do the shorts in the franchise also count as canon? In 2017, the producer and director of Conjurverse of the first two Conjuring films James Wan has teamed up with Warner Brothers to announce an exciting contest for fans. The contest, which was part of this year’s previous film marketing blitz Annabelle: Creation, called on amateur filmmakers around the world to create their own horror shorts inspired by Conspiracy and its fallout.

The rules for the contest, titled “My Annabelle Creation,” were simple; shoot a scary movie no longer than two minutes that makes it seem like it could exist in the Conjurverse. These shorts could tackle any supernatural subject the filmmakers wanted to explore, including ghosts, demons, or even haunted objects. It only mattered that the end result was spooky enough and in tune with the aesthetic and tone of the blockbuster franchise itself. Unsurprisingly, entries poured in for both director James Wan and Warner Brothers, and applicants were quickly narrowed down to find the group’s best shorts.

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In the end, five winners were chosen. These films were then uploaded to the Warner Brothers YouTube channel, where they could be shared with the horror film community at large. Arguably the biggest payoff for winning the backdrop, however, is confirmation that all five shorts would also be officially inducted into the Conjurverse. That makes each of the shorts the canon of the show’s larger storyline, but what is each film about and how do they fit into the Conjurverse timeline?

The nurse

conjuring the nurse

Perhaps the most proficient and scariest of the “My Creation Annabelle” short film series, The nurse it looks like it was ripped straight out of an uncharted corner of the Conververse. Directed by Julian Terry, it tells the story of a child who is recovering from eye surgery in a dimly lit hospital, her eyes wrapped in thick bandages. When she hears the familiar creak of the food cart entering her room, she thinks the nurse delivered her dinner. However, this particular nurse is far from the gentle caregiver the little girl was hoping for. At just two minutes – by contest rules – the film crams its brief runtime with all the thrills and scares you expect from a full movie. Conjuring movie. The limited scope of the story makes it difficult to determine its placement in the Conjurverse timeline, but the hospital’s modern equipment indicates that it takes place within the last decade, possibly in parallel with its production. in 2017.

The confession

ward off confession

Directed by Liam Banks, The confession was the UK winner for the contest. This creepy short follows a young woman named Fiona who seeks solace in a confessional booth. The terrified woman talks about horrific entities that haunt her and describes a dark being who seems to change in size as he slowly approaches. Ultimately, Fiona realizes too late that while she may have fled her home, evil has followed her to where she thought was her sanctuary. Just like The nurse, The confession feels very comfortable in the world of Conspiracy franchise and manages to tell a hard-hitting and chilling story in the brief runtime. The exact time and setting for this short film is unknown, other than the likelihood that it is set in Britain. The clothing and furnishings of the limited sets make the Age of History ambiguous, meaning it could very easily be set at the height of Warren’s paranormal investigations in the 1970s or 1980s.

What’s wrong with mom?

ward off what's wrong with mom

Mexico’s winning entry into the “My Annabelle Creation” competition is courtesy of director Raúl Bribiesca. What’s wrong with mom? could be the most creative and disturbing film in the competition, and follows a distraught girl as she and her father pray for the safety and health of her mother, who is possessed by a demon behind a thin shroud in the living room. of the family . The camera never moves or changes perspective, instead using a single angle to slowly show the mother getting up from her bed, starting to laugh, then suddenly teleporting. The demon “Marifer” who possesses her seems to intend to harm the girl too, but the short ends with the fate of the family unknown. One of the most unique aspects of this particular movie is that it mentions the Warrens by name. While the girl is praying, a knock on the door calls the father, because he thinks the Warrens have arrived to help them. This implies that the family have turned to Ed and Lorraine Warren for help, and that a larger story involving the Ghostbusters duo takes place shortly after the short ends.

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Blund’s Lullaby

short conjuration lullaby blunds

Courtesy of Sweden, Blund’s Lullaby was directed by Amanda Nilsson and Magda Lindblom. This weird little movie was inspired by the Norse entity known as John Blund, a sort of Sandman-style appearance that descends on a tiny house to strike terror into a little girl’s heart. Without the benefit of dialogue, the film relies entirely on its visuals and sound design to be scary. Blund’s presence is signified by the appearance of umbrellas that open on their own and surround the girl as she tries to hide from the creature that haunts her. Again, the era of the story is vague, and its connection to local folklore would make it a great international case for the Warrens to address in a longer story.

Innocent souls

conjuring short innocent souls

The final film of the competition is Innocent souls, which was produced in Colombia and directed by Alejandro López. Two boys enter an abandoned house at night and discover a multitude of frightening artifacts. One of the boys comes face to face with a demonic presence, but before he can convince his friend of what he’s seen, it’s too late. Innocent souls is the simplest of the contest winners, but its setting and unexpected fears make it a perfect fit with the universe. As with most short films, the time of the story is unclear, and its placement in the franchise’s overall history is up to every viewer. No matter where they might fall in the Conjuring timeline, these canon movies represent both the creativity of the fan base and the potential of the stories to come in Conjurverse.

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