Duplo USA announces the 2021 Shima Prize winners

Si Nguyen, Vice President of Sales at Duplo USA

Duplo USA Corporation is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Shima Awards, its third annual print embellishment competition. The award recognizes innovative companies that leverage the power of point coating, texture and tactile effects to produce high impact applications using the DDC-810 Raised UV Coater.

Si Nguyen, Vice President of Sales at Duplo USA, visited the winners to learn more about their history and presented the award in person to local businesses. “It’s humbling to see our customers creatively using our technology to expand their services to another level of customer base and help them be successful during the pandemic.” All three videos can be viewed on www.youtube.com/duplousa.


Gold Medal – Tazpack

Tazpack in San Fernando, California prides itself on staying away from commodity printing, instead focusing on helping customers sell their products by providing creative embellishments on their packaging. Having built a solid reputation through word of mouth, the company applies raised UV to every piece of packaging and every commercial print job that passes. “I don’t want a printed flat part,” says Barbara Buschmann, President of Tazpack. “99% of what comes out of our Canon printer goes to the DDC-810. Almost all of the jobs we sell with Duplo.

Silver Medal – Minuteman Press Carmel Mountain

While this San Diego, Calif., Minuteman Press is the first franchise to invest in the Duplo solution, it’s not your average Minuteman store. The owner and his team work hard to turn the marketing elements of their clients into a profitable experience that has been proven to increase engagement and response rates of their target audience. “We don’t want to be just a printer,” says Kumar Agrawal, owner of Minuteman Press Carmel Mountain. “90% of my clients tell me that their clients don’t look at them. They look at the material that we have printed and they feel it. It excites me.

Bronze Medal – Rengel Print

Rengel Printing in St. Cloud, Minnesota just celebrated its 100e year in printing. Offering everything from offset and digital printing to large format printing, the family business decided to bring embellishment services in-house and has been incredibly successful in increasing its revenue. “We started using our source for some of that and all of a sudden it’s like maybe we need to bring one in-house, just so we can control it. We now use the DDC-810 every day, ”says Pete Rengel, owner of Rengel Printing. “At first, when we thought about how we were going to pay for it, we focused on getting four business card customers who would use it every month. Now we are selling postcards. We just made 30,000 postcards with the embellishment.

Source: Duplo

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