Desperate teenager for ‘life-saving’ medical equipment frustrated with police response


TOPEKA (KSNT) – On December 10, Tylynn Cross, a 19-year-old employee, had her car stolen in the parking lot of Lawrence Home Depot. Over a week later, the latest update they received from Topeka Police said no detective has yet been assigned to the case.

It’s bad enough to have your car stolen. What’s making it worse? Have your purse with life-saving medications taken with the vehicle.

The same night their car was stolen, the Cross family noticed that their debit card had been used at the Topeka Fat Shack, for three separate transactions. The family contacted the owner, who provided them with a video of the thief’s identity.

“She was wearing my jacket that I had given Tylynn, she was holding Tylynn’s keys with her long key ring, you could clearly see she was holding Tylynn’s purse and had her debit card in her hand,” Tylynn’s mother Casey Cross said.

Because the debit card was used in Topeka, Lawrence police referred the family to the Topeka Police Department.

“Anytime we try to get information or give them information that we have, we kind of get swept up,” Casey said.

When Tylynn reached out to Topeka PD to try to explain the importance of her insulin pump, she was left with more questions than answers.

“So I asked him, I was confused that there wasn’t a detective on the case. I asked him again when there would be, he basically told me I wasn’t there. only girl in the world to have been a victim of a crime. It upset me and I ended up crying, he just pushed me away. I was really trying to make him understand that this is my life “, a Tylynn said.

Tylynn was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes this year. Her mother says her diabetes went through its ups and downs until she received the $ 17,000 insulin pump. Have two stays in intensive care before getting the rescue machine.

“It’s very frustrating, we have video footage of this lady using her debit card, carrying her things that could only be in her vehicle and with no one to give them to. Because when we let the Topeka police know that we have these images that we know who did it, we were told that they highly doubt it because if we were not contacted by the police department. Topeka police, so that doesn’t mean anything, ”says Casey.

KSNT contacted the Topeka Police Department regarding the incident. They couldn’t say anything about the particular case, but told KSNT in general that a crime was occurring between towns linking them both with different jurisdictions would take longer.

According to Tylynn’s mother, the stolen vehicle was a 2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara. It has a South Dakota license plate numbered 8D0010. If you have any information about the car, please contact local law enforcement.


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