Croatian highways give advice as another busy weekend is upon us

August 13, 2022 – The peak of the scorching summer tourist season has well and truly arrived, and with more and more foreign visitors entering the country either by air and then by rented cars, or by road across the many land borders of Croatia, Croatian Motorways (HAC) has given some advice to anyone using the country’s roads to get to their various destinations, usually on the coast.

Yet another busy summer weekend is upon us, and with an absolutely tragic accident involving a bus recently, which claimed the lives of several people, Croatian Motorways has made sure to educate Croatian road users about some of the realities of driving here at this wildly busy time of year.

As Poslovny Dnevnik writes, during the busy summer season here in Croatia, hundreds of thousands of vehicles enter the country, which increases the risk of accidents, some of which are fatal. The head of the Highway Traffic Monitoring and Management Center, Davor Bicanic, has called on motorists to allow the creation of a so-called emergency corridor, as reported HRT.

”All important information from Croatian highways and roads, especially critical sections, such as tunnels, arrive in real time to the Croatian highway control room. We are currently implementing a traffic information system, under which we are replacing old analog cameras with new, more technologically advanced digital cameras, around 1,700 cameras are in operation at the moment,” Bicanic pointed out.

“This new system has the ability to provide automatic video detection of certain incident situations, such as a person driving in the opposite direction, a pedestrian on the highway, a vehicle that has stopped on the road, etc. automatic video detection enables our operators working within the traffic control and management centers to react faster and provide the latest information to other road users who are on the Croatian highways and roads that have been affected,” said he added.

Regarding the seemingly eternal problem of terrible accidents and some senseless gestures made by arrogantly overconfident drivers, Bicanic said it would be nice if an emergency lane became routine for drivers using Croatian highways .

“An emergency corridor allows the passage of emergency medical aid vehicles, firefighters and police, to reach the scene of traffic accidents as soon as possible and rescue the victims involved. The emergency corridor The emergency is formed so that vehicles in traffic on the left lane move as far as possible to the left, and vehicles in the traffic lane on the right move as far as possible to the right. , it’s a small change, but this change means a hallway to stay alive for a seriously injured person,” Bicanic pointed out.

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