Christine Quinn and her husband are listing their Los Angeles home for $8 million, or the crypto equivalent, on their platform, RealOpen

Almost eight months after launch RealOpenancient sell sunset star Christine Quinn and tech entrepreneur husband Christian Dumontet announce their own house On the platform.

Quinn, who recently announced his departure from the real estate-focused Netflix series, and Dumontet, a software engineer, tech entrepreneur and investor, founded their first real estate platform with the goal of bridging the gap between digital and physical assets. RealOpen allows anyone to buy or sell a home via cryptocurrency (there are several that are accepted) in a secure way. The duo are so confident in their product that they list their home through RealOpen for 395 BTC, 5185 ETH or 7,999,000 USD.

The couple purchased the home, located at 1700 Queens Court in Hollywood Hills, from the late Hugh Hefner’s last wife, Crystal Hefner, in January 2019. They were initially drawn to the privacy of the home, located on a headland at the end of a cul-de-sac, as well as the open floor plan and oasis-like indoor-outdoor setting. In the first year, the couple completed extensive nearly $2 million renovations, including restoring interior and exterior wood floors and adding architectural touches.

Other additions include a chef’s kitchen, a three-story chandelier in the main stairwell, a hillside sprinkler installation, updated appliances and a cabinet and glamorous room for Quinn with custom mirrors floor to ceiling and clothes racks (à la Balenciaga) . They also added a striking two-story tree in the atrium and brought in cranes to install olive trees.

They also leveled the entire main floor and transformed it into the ultimate entertaining space, adding a full bar, large wine cellar, LED lighting and a complete theater technology overhaul with quality components. audiophile. The technology doesn’t stop there.

“The technology of the house is close to science fiction”, says Dumontet Forbes. “There are 28 4K cameras that feed an AI recognition module to track visitors, even pets! All aspects of the house have been automated and are voice controlled, including motorized curtains, in-ceiling audio and wall subwoofers, sprinkler and pool controls, gates and door locks, a 16-speaker outdoor audio system with two underground subwoofers and color-adjustable LED lighting. There is also a business-grade network with 12 indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi hotspots to ensure smooth network access to all areas of the property, including a guest network that can be accessed after opting in the terms of service: “Pet our dogs”.

Dumontet alludes to how owning the house was meant to be.

“Christine actually worked open houses here when she was originally listed with her brokerage at the time, years before she got married,” Dumontet says. “She dreamed of living in the house with a husband who would bring her coffee in the morning. The house did not sell and was therefore taken off the market. Years later, it was relisted through another brokerage, from which we purchased the house. Christine manifested herself by living in the house.

Quinn and Dumontet, along with their son, Christian, hope to move to Paris before their son starts kindergarten.

“Our dream has always been to live in France, and more specifically in Paris,” says Quinn. “We are looking for a classic Parisian Haussmann-style building, ideally with modern updates inside. We enjoy a well-lit living environment as we have become accustomed to in Los Angeles.

As for their Los Angeles home, the couple will accept all tradable digital currencies for the home as they do with all listings on RealOpen, which have been well received by buyers, sellers and agents.

“We were overwhelmed with demand from RealOpen at launch,” says Quinn. “We found a variety of credibility in the buyers who showed up. As a result, we have streamlined our qualification process, providing it in turn as added value to agents and sellers. In a segment of the industry that includes people with “creative personal finance,” we are able to quickly advise agents and sellers on a buyer’s credibility. »

While Los Angeles remains a hotspot for cryptocurrency, Quinn and Dumontet agree that Miami is a hotbed for crypto and real estate.

“We co-hosted a series of events with a group of agents in Miami and secured listings in high profile buildings including the upcoming Bentley Residences, Aria Reserve, Diesel and a $34 million penthouse” , says Quinn.

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