Christie Mystique Solves Two Multi-Projector Problems


Christie has announced the release of version 2.5 of Christie Mystique, an automated, camera-based alignment software solution designed to simplify and automate the process of warping and merging multiple projectors into one transparent canvas.

With version 2.5, Mystique Essentials and Pro Venue Editions offer two new features to improve overall image fidelity and uniformity in mixed projector arrays when projecting on a flat or curved surface.

For installations where the projection surface is dirty, discolored, or non-uniform, these visual imperfections can hamper the projection of an excellent image. Mystique’s new background compensation feature uses a color camera to detect large differences in contrast on a screen or projection surface and makes automatic adjustments to compensate for surface anomalies to provide a more uniform projected image , so that the focus remains on the projected content, not on the quality of the background.

Adjusting the color and brightness uniformity between projectors in a network to ensure that blending areas are not visible can be a difficult and time-consuming manual process, especially if you are using projectors of different ages. With the new automated color and brightness uniformity feature, Mystique quickly makes adjustments with the click of a mouse, with camera-based precision, to display a consistent image.

“Christie Mystique saves both time and installation costs, while providing the freedom to project almost anywhere,” said Joel St-Denis, senior product manager at Christie. “Mystique takes the guesswork out of multi-projector systems, so the focus is on providing an incredible experience for the audience. It is an essential tool for anyone installing a mixed projector array. “

Mystique is available in five editions, each designed to meet the unique needs of different applications: Mystique Lite, Essentials, Pro Venue, Premium, and Large Scale Experience Editions.

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