Canon presents its latest concept cameras – and it wants YOUR opinion



Canon’s latest concept cameras make their European debut at the photography show – and Canon is asking show visitors for feedback on these intriguing new cameras.

The Canon PowerShot Pick and Canon Posture Fit are both on display at the Canon booth (N500, N400) at the Photography Show, which takes place September 18-21 at the NEC in Birmingham, England.

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We’ve been following the PowerShot Pick’s route for a while, as we first saw this fascinating smart compact camera at the Photography Show in 2018. Since then, it’s been on sale in Japan, touted as “Your Own Personal Photographer.” “.

The Canon PTZ-type PowerShot Pick is “your own personal photographer” (Image credit: James Artaius)

Taking inspiration from the best PTZ cameras, it uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect and track subjects in a scene. This makes it a great companion, for example, for a family picnic, where you might want to take pictures of the family enjoying a day out without someone having to take all the pictures (or to configure an awkward self-timer).

Likewise, it is well suited for parties or events, where it can capture candid moments of people having fun. It has even been suggested that it could be mounted on a wedding photographer’s camera shoe, to get shots that would otherwise be missed.

Even more exotic is the Canon Posture Fit, which looks like a character from a Pixar movie. It is not a still camera, but rather uses Canon’s camera technology to monitor the position of your spine. So, the irresistibly cute device will keep an eye on how you sit at your desk and alert you when your posture is poor or you’ve been sitting for too long.

Whether you’re back at the desk getting used to sitting at a desk, or working remotely at your kitchen or dining table, Posture Fit is designed to make sure you sit properly and not for too long.

Canon Posture Fit tracks the position of your spine and alerts you when you’re slouching or sitting too long… wobbling! (Image credit: James Artaius)

When it has to tell you to move, it wobbles in a cute way like a pet trying to get your attention – making it impossible to ignore, unlike the usual pop-ups on your phone from traditional phone monitoring apps. health.

It may seem like an odd arena for Canon, but photographers and videographers spend as much time sitting at their desks as they do taking photos. And in a world where homes are getting smarter, with Alexa and other devices improving our lives, it’s fitting that Canon uses its imaging expertise to be part of that smart lifestyle.

Canon Executives are at the Photography Show and looking for feedback on these concepts, so head to booths N500, N400 and have your voice heard!

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