Canon Central and North Africa Launches Its 2021 Partner Conference at Dubai Expo 2020 with a Vision to Support and Drive Partner Growth: Reshaping Goals Together

In keeping with the central business pillar of empowering talent and partners, Canon ( brought together channel partners and associates to unveil its support strategy and solutions to accelerate growth companies in African markets for the coming year, 2022; Canon is the official printing and imaging supplier for Expo 2020 Dubai which runs from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA) unveiled its growth plans and strategy to strengthen support for partner business growth amid the disruption caused by the pandemic, in its annual Partner Conference program held at Expo 2020 Dubai. The theme of the event ‘Reshaping Goals Together’ invited valuable business partners to not only participate, but also to be active advocates and key stakeholders to achieve the business goals of the year 2022 while celebrating the partners’ achievements for the year 2021.


“The CCNA was created in 2016 for the sole purpose of understanding and thus meeting the needs of clients specifically for the African market. Over the past seven years, we have managed to take giant leaps and maintain a double digit CAGR for the past 6 years. Remember that this would not be possible without the trust and support of our distribution partners, to whom we are eternally grateful. Given our rapid pace of progress in Africa, our vision for business growth and revenue at this point is to exceed our previous numbers and perform in double digits for the next 4 years as well. However, we are now envisioning a hyper-targeted approach to become the absolute number one player in the optical solutions industry across our product line as well as across all 40 countries of our operations in Africa. To do this, it is essential for us to work with our partners to understand the business challenges they face as well as the challenges consumers face in order to determine the strategy for generating the most impact for the coming year. This event provides us with a great opportunity to collaborate with our partners, gain valuable feedback, ideas and suggestions while engaging in stimulating discussions and relationship building exercises. said Somesh Adukia, general manager of Canon North and Central Africa.


Undeniably, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned lives upside down in an instant, plunging many businesses into the dark lanes of revenue cuts, employee layoffs to extremes such as a complete shutdown of the business. ‘business. However, Canon did not let the pandemic cool its spirits and sailed these troubled waters with caution, care and communication. The company has adopted a process of strengthening its communication strategy with employees and partners, thus ensuring that everyone has access to a solid support system during these test periods. The CEO of the company also stressed the importance of finding opportunities in difficult times, thus reflecting the core values ​​of the company. Given the rise of the remote and hybrid work culture during this period, CCNA has pivoted its product strategy to exploit new opportunities by promoting its series of mirrorless cameras suitable for service providers. live streaming and its series of inkjet printers for home office solutions.

“What we were able to achieve during the pandemic is very commendable and once again I would like to thank my team and our partners for allowing us to do so. 2020 has indeed been a difficult year for everyone including us, there were several challenges and obstacles in our way such as dealing with the unavailability of semiconductors and chipsets. However, we are continually working to provide new solutions to our partners, such as working on an alternative strategy to address the supply shortage. On the flip side, I would also like to point out that in the midst of this period of massive disruption where most companies were looking to downsize, we decided to employ 26 people in our CCNA team in 2021 to grow, strengthen and support our partner. and consumer support, ”Somesh noted in his keynote speech at the conference.


One of the goals for 2022 highlighted at the conference was to build business resilience not only for Canon, but for all of its channel partners as well. With a focus on creating value and growing the business through a three-pronged approach of ‘Reshape, Reengineer and Rephase’ for 2022, the company shared its plans to increase its space by more than 20%. Current B2B across Africa. Commenting further, the CEO of the company added, “Now is the time for us to focus on growth and not get carried away or discouraged by all the challenges that lie ahead on our way. As complex and dynamic as the African market is, it is also full of growth opportunities. We are looking to focus more on certain product groups such as business printing, DIMS and wide format printing, while when it comes to increasing our brand presence and driving new business opportunities business development, we plan to intensify our efforts in East, West and Central Africa. Region. That said, we have equally aggressive growth plans for the next 4 years for all regions and will continue to invest in African markets in the areas of human resources and marketing to provide the best support to our partners to meet their needs. growth needs of their businesses. . This is evident in the fact that CCNA manages a geography as large as 40 countries, so it is essential for us to build a secure and valuable distribution pipeline to ensure business continuity and growth. In the past, we have been able to tactically deploy our ‘closer to market and closer to customer’ approach by opening 6 local offices in African countries with locally based national distribution directors who were able to identify the right partners with the experience required. and financial strength to support Canon’s business. Needless to say, our partners have done an exceptional job growing our business across Africa. “

The Canon Partner Conference was held on a Tuesday morning of the 14e December 2021 in Dubai and included key business stakeholders such as Managing Director, Director of Sales & Marketing, Director of Communications and more. The event also recognized and celebrated the efforts of the CCNA’s outstanding value partners and their accomplishments starting in the year 2021. The awards include 4 categories: Best Performance Award, Special Recognition, DRBG Special Recognition and finally, the President’s Award. The most coveted president’s award for 2021 has been presented to Silicon 21 for his commitment, passion and commitment as a Canon partner and his consistent performance this year in both B2C and B2B business units. Best B2C Performance Award for Mirrorless, Pro-Video, G-Series were presented respectively to Unomat International, Broadcast & Studio Solutions (BSS), Disty Technologies and for Special recognition award Raya Distribution. For the Best B2B performance award and special recognition for Document Solution (DS), Large Format Printing (LFP), Professional Printing (PP) respectively were awarded to Japan Motors, Carol Buro, Sabi Systems, Anisuma Trading. Special recognition from the Developing Regional Business Group (DRBG), the winners were JTC International, Silicon 21 and Mitsumi Training.

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About Canon North and Central Africa:
Canon North and Central Africa (CCNA) ( is a division of Canon Middle East FZ LLC (CME), a subsidiary of Canon Europe. The formation of CCNA in 2015 was a strategic step that aimed to enhance Canon’s business in the Africa region, strengthening Canon’s presence and focus in countries. CCNA also demonstrates Canon’s commitment to being closer to its customers and meeting their demands in a rapidly changing African market.

Canon has been represented on the African continent for over 15 years through distributors and partners who have successfully built a strong customer base in the region. CCNA ensures the supply of high quality and technologically advanced products that meet the demands of Africa’s rapidly changing market. With over 100 employees, CCNA manages sales and marketing activities in 44 African countries.

Canon’s corporate philosophy is Kyosei ( – “to live and work together for the common good”. CCNA pursues sustainable business growth, focusing on reducing its own environmental impact and helping customers reduce theirs by using Canon products, solutions and services. At Canon, we are pioneers, constantly redefining the world of imaging for the greater good. With our technology and innovative spirit, we push the boundaries of what is possible – helping us see our world in ways we’ve never seen before. We help bring creativity to life, one image at a time. Because when we can see our world, we can transform it for the better.

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