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BenQ X1300i

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The first Black Friday 4K projector deals are rolling out en masse as we gear up for tomorrow’s big day.

While you might be wondering which are the best 4K projectors, these deals below will cover the full range of the best deals we can find on any 4K projector, with a few discounts making some models a real steal. While we also keep an eye out for all the Black Friday projector deals so you can see what things look like on the HD side, if you are looking for the best then this is where you want to look. Keep in mind that as more and more projectors can accept 4K input, to get the best visuals they will also need true 4K output.

We also have specific guides if you are looking for very specific reasons. For example, if you’re looking for the best projectors for gaming, we’ve got you covered, and that includes if you’re trying to keep an eye out for the best projectors for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Leveraging the right Black Friday 4K projector deal could make your viewing experience rival the best gaming TVs and the best TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X with the added flexibility and inherent cool factor of a large projected image. . Now, to be fair, the current state of display technology means that the best 120Hz 4K TVs will likely have a bit better picture, as well as the best QLED TVs and the best OLED TVs, and obviously you don’t. no need to worry about having a protruding surface with these. However, the gap has never been smaller.

If you’ve got even bigger visual plans, remember that there are more savings to be had from the Black Friday PS5 TV deals, as well as the larger Black Friday PS5 and Black Friday Xbox Series X deals.

First Black Friday 4k Projector Deals Available Now

United States


The first Black Friday 4K projector deals in the United States

UK’s first Black Friday 4K projector deals

Black Friday 4K Projector Deals: FAQs

Where will the best Black Friday 4K projector deals be?

Before the big day itself, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the selection of retailers below, which should help you get a head start on finding the best deals on Black Friday 4K projector deals.

always the starting point for technological research
Best buy: well stocked, and often the prices match
Samsung: go directly to the makers of the Premiere 4K projectors
Newegg: decent stock and will have good deals when the time comes
a good selection and brick and mortar shops to visit

regular discounts and fast delivery
Samsung: go straight and see the premiere of the creator himself
Very: a smaller selection, but still worth a visit at this retailer
a reliable seller, and one with a decent range of stock
Box: an underrated but still worth seeing tech retailer

Are projectors on sale for Black Friday?

They absolutely do! The Black Friday 4K projector deals are one of the best deals for savvy customers, as the devices themselves have the double distinction of being quite specialized and also quite expensive. That means you’ll have to pay a premium price for a high-quality projector most of the year, but when retailers are ready to start depleting their inventory of projectors, they have a lot of overhead to cut: the year. last we saw discounts worth several hundred dollars on projectors ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000.

Now the main caveat comes down to the fact that they’re pretty specialized: Retailers don’t need to keep a ton of projectors in stock because there isn’t usually a ton of demand for them. Demand will increase when Black Friday 4K projector deals go live, and inventory can go fast – if you want to get the best savings, you’ll have to be quick.

When will the Black Friday 4K projector offers begin?

The big day of this year is Friday November 26. Mark it in your calendars, place a reminder in your phone, etc. It is always worth remembering the date of real Black Friday because it is often the time when the best deals occur. The previous weeks can, of course, still be hot, as retailers try to reach people earlier and earlier. Accordingly, we recommend that you be on the lookout and on the prowl from the end of October.

Black Friday 4K projector deals: what we expect to see

BenQ TK850

(Image credit: Avenir)

Projectors in the 4K domain are indeed among the most expensive by default. It is no coincidence that we see the same price differences in projectors that we are used to in televisions – the higher the resolution, the more money you have to spend. And while this is still the case, in general, the technology is becoming more and more affordable. Still, Black Friday 4K projector deals are best positioned to get the most for your money, year after year.

We’ll see some great 4K models of the top table drop to record prices this year and offer great value. The likes of Epson, BenQ, ViewSonic and Optoma will all join in the act with their most premium models having their time in the business sun.

One line in particular that we are watching closely is Samsung’s Premiere line. These models created a sensation when released in late 2020 by being able to project a full 4K image from an incredibly short distance while maintaining their Samsung pedigree and premium quality.

This year’s Black Friday 4K projector deals will be the first of those sales spans that the firsts have seen, and while they will remain an investment, the chances of getting the lowest prices on record are high. The LSP9T model – the best projector – fell to almost $ 5,000 once this year, in June, from its hefty price tag of $ 6,500 and we would have put in a lot of money to revise that price – and maybe- be priced even lower …

The best offers of the day

If you can’t wait, we’ll likely see some early price cuts right now – and we’ve rounded up a few models below for you to browse. These prices update automatically, so can provide you with a great point of reference, and maybe even reveal an offer to grab before the sales madness kicks in properly …

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