Best Ultra Short Throw Projector Displays: The 2021 Holiday Buying Guide


Ultra short throw projectors are the hottest thing in the world of immersive home entertainment. Before, if you wanted that all-round big-screen experience, you needed a dedicated home theater in a dark room. Now, with ultra short throw projectors (i.e. laser televisions), you can create the ultimate home theater in any room of your home.

For a detailed look at some of the best 4K Ultra Short Throw (UST) projectors currently available, we’ve put together an updated list that you can find. here.

But if you want to get the most out of your 4K UST projector and replace your small living room TV, a simple white wall won’t do. You need to pair your laser TV with an ultra short throw projection screen.

With help from the experts at, we’ve put together a list of the best ultra short throw projection screens to bring your movie and TV viewing experience to the pinnacle of cinematic immersion.

What is an ultra short throw projection screen?

An ultra short throw projection screen is a screen specially designed to be paired with a laser television.

Since ultra short throw projectors typically have fixed focal lengths, you need to move the entire projector away from the screen to get a larger image. This limits the size of the image they can project to around 130 inches. No one is going to sneeze at a 130-inch 16: 9 ALR screen, but that’s the current practical limit.

Most of the UST screens available are between 100 and 120 ″ in size.

Most UST displays also have a fixed bezel, but there are a few motorized ones as well.

These screens have features you won’t find on a regular cinema screen that allow them to pair perfectly with an ultra short throw projector.

Ambient light rejection screen vs. matte white screen

Rejection of ambient light

The main difference between a regular screen and a UST projection screen is that a laser TV screen has an ambient light rejecting surface that uses angular reflection. The screen surface basically has rows of tiny ridges that reflect light from the projector below while reflecting light from other sources away from the viewer.

This ambient light rejection property allows spotlights to perform wonderfully even in rooms with a significant amount of light only adding to their value in the home.

If you watch the NFL on a Sunday afternoon or your kids want to play video games (not all UST projectors are equal when it comes to games so far) with their friends during the day, an ALR screen is the solution.

Lower screen gain

Ultra short throw cinema screens generally have lower screen gain as well. Screen gain is a measure of the reflectivity of the surface. The higher the gain, the more light is reflected back to the viewer. The lower the gain, the more light absorbed by the screen.

You might think on a laser TV screen that you would like to have higher screen gain as that would give you a brighter picture. In fact, a lower gain is preferable because it further reduces the impact of ambient light hitting the screen.

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The lower screen gain also helps eliminate hot spots caused by the projector shining so bright so close to the display surface.

Stewart Filmscreen Balon Edge UST
Stewart Filmscreen Balon Edge

Do i need an ultra short throw projection screen?

Many people think that you can project your laser TV image onto a white wall and expect a 4K quality picture. While technically you can project an image using a UST on any surface, the image quality degrades dramatically without a specialized screen. If you want to have a true 4K UHD cinema experience, especially in your well-lit living room, you must use a specially designed ultra short throw projection screen.

So what are your options? A number of manufacturers have decided to include entry-level ALR displays as part of a package and while this is a great place to start, the quality of these displays will not allow you to maximize the performance of your device. your 4K UST projector.

Best ultra short throw screen

Stewart Filmscreen Balon Edge BALG3E100HUSTFLX Fixed Frame

Stewart Balon Edge Fixed Frame ALR UST Display BALG3E100HUSTFLX

Mark: Stewart cinema screen

Price: $ 4,967

To win: 0.55

Screen size: 100 “- 120”

Screen type: Fixed frame

We chose this Stewart Balon Edge fixed frame because it is constructed with the best UST projection surface currently available; Stewart’s BlackHawk UST. This ambient light rejecting display surface uses a lenticular structure to redirect overhead light while providing the viewer with maximum return of projector light.

The Blackhawk UST surface features a wide viewing angle, improved center-to-edge uniformity, superb contrast preservation and excellent color accuracy. A projection screen with Stewart’s BlackHawk UST surface not only supports 4K resolution, but also 8K and 16K projected image. This means that you are securing your investment as the projection industry produces more and more advanced technology.

The Balon Edge series features an elegant slim black frame that complements the aesthetic of any living room. Simple design makes it easy to assemble. You can even get this screen with an optional LED backlight kit to make your screen even brighter.

Or buy: $ 4,967 at

Best Fixed Frame UST Display

Screen Innovations Zero Edge Pro Short Throw – ZPT100ST

Screen Innovations Zero Edge Pro Short Throw ZPT100ST

Mark: Screen innovations

Price: $ 2,999

To win: 0.6

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Screen size: 80 “- 120”

Screen type: Fixed frame

This Screen Innovations Zero Edge Pro is our recommendation for the best fixed frame laser TV screen because it does a great job of merging style and performance, making it perfect as a living room TV replacement. .

This ultra short throw screen surface features a downward-facing microscopic structure, which means it rejects ambient light above and even direct while only accepting light directly below the lens. where your projector is located. Screen Innnovation’s laser TV surface accurately reproduces bright, colorful images and maintains projector contrast. The result is a more than 700% increase in contrast compared to matte white screen materials.

With a 170-degree viewing cone, on-screen content is visible even from extreme off-axis positions. This display is available in 16: 9 and 16:10 widescreen formats, making it perfect for commercial, family rooms and everything in between.

What really separates the Zero Edge Pro from other laser TV screens is the personalization. There are three different borders to choose from. This fixed bezel display also has an optional LED backlight kit to make the display truly vivid. Best of all, you can choose from a number of frame colors to match the style of the room.

The Stewart BlackHawk UST screen gets the title of “best” because the Screen Innovations ultra short throw cinema screen only provides up to 8K resolution; that might seem like an odd way to judge it given how far away 8K UST projectors are becoming a viable consumer product, but Stewart has created a display that could be considered state of the art until the end of the day. end of the decade.

Or buy: $ 2,999 on

Best Motorized UST Display

Screen Innovations Solo Pro 2 Short Throw SPT100ST

Solo Pro 2 SPT100TS Innovations Display

Mark: Screen innovations

Price: $ 5,973

To win: 0.6

Screen size: 80 “- 100”

Screen type: Electric

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Sometimes you don’t have enough wall space for a gigantic projection screen or maybe you want to protect the screen surface when not in use. This is where a retractable UST projection screen comes in handy. These Screen Innovation display surfaces retract and descend from the housing as needed. The case can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall, giving you placement versatility. Like the Zero Edge Pro, the UST Solo Pro 2 displays housing can be customized with a variety of fun colors to match any décor.

The electric motor is powered either by a rechargeable lithium battery or by a low voltage connection. No electrician needed.

Much like the Zero Edge Pro, this SI motorized ultra short throw projection screen is constructed with Screen Innovations’ short throw projection surface. It does a great job of rejecting ambient light, has a wide viewing angle, and provides your projected image with vivid, crisp colors and perceived contrast.

It’s available in 16: 9 and 16:10 formats, so it’s a great choice for living rooms and conference rooms.

The only downside to this screen is that it is limited to a maximum screen size of 100 “.

Or buy: $ 5,973 at

Best Affordable Laser TV Screen

Grandview Dynamic PE-L100DY3 (R2)

Grandview PE-L100DY3 (R2) Dynamic UST Ambient Light Rejection Screen

Mark: Large-view

Price: $ 1,099

To win: 0.4

Screen size: 90 “- 120”

Screen type: Fixed frame

Grandview is the lesser-known display maker on this list, but what they lack in name recognition, they make up for in value.

The Grandview Dynamic offers deep black levels, high contrast, excellent color saturation and a wide viewing angle of 140 degrees. Like the other displays on this list, the surface exhibits ambient light rejection properties and blends in perfectly with any laser TV.

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The Dynamic supports an image resolution up to 4K, so if you’re the type who likes to get the latest technology, we recommend that you go for a UST projector screen that supports 8K or 16K to keep your picture going. investment.

The biggest hit with this cheaper ultra short throw projection screen is that it can be somewhat difficult to assemble. But once you put it together, the picture quality is exceptional.

Or buy: $ 1,099 on

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