Bensenville Park District to Host Electronic Recycling and Shredding Event on March 19

Looking to get rid of confidential items and obsolete electronic devices? Well, here’s your chance to get rid of it without letting your personal information fall into the wrong hands.

The Bensenville Park District is hosting a drive-thru electronic recycling and document shredding event from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturday, March 19 at the Water Park Parking Lot and Splash Pad, 1100 W. Wood St.

Many still throw confidential documents in the trash and regular recycling bins. Consequently, sensitive information could fall into the wrong hands and lead to identity theft. According to the US Department of Justice, many criminals obtain sensitive information printed or written on citizen documents retrieved from everyday trash cans.

Bensenville residents can shred a bank box full of documents for free, and each additional box costs just $5. The fee for non-residents is $8 per ATM. A standard banker’s box is about 1.2 cubic feet, measuring about 16 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 10 inches deep.

Electronic devices will also be collected for recycling at the event. For only $5 per vehicle, deposit an unlimited number of approved electronic devices from the following list:

• Computers and peripherals such as desktops and servers, computer mice, cables and accessories, laptops, notebooks, tablets, hard drives, computer power supplies, game consoles, keyboards, network devices and circuit boards/boards;


• Home entertainment equipment, including video and DVD players, digital and video cameras and game consoles;

• Office and telecommunications equipment such as photocopiers, fax machines, video and audio equipment, PBX systems, projection equipment, printers, security equipment, receivers and transmitters, scanners and telephones ;

• Data center equipment, including servers, power distribution units, central computing equipment, UPS backup batteries, cables and accessories; and

• Mobile devices such as cell phones, smart phones, tablets, personal digital assistants, gaming devices, MP3 players and cameras.

According to the United Nations, 6.3 million tons of electronic waste are generated each year in the United States. Recycling electronics helps conserve landfill space and provides other environmental benefits, such as proper disposal or recycling of certain materials. Electronic recycling allows the recovery and reuse of valuable materials such as copper, gold, aluminum and certain plastics, giving them new life in new electronic equipment.

Visit the park district’s website,, for more information.

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