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The cost of IT problems for all sizes of businesses can be significant. It typically takes four hours to get a system back up and running after a crash, and a recent survey of 450 large companies found that each organization suffered an average of nine computer failures per year.

a lesser known fact is the effect of “clean” power on your computing environment and this is where uninterruptible power supply comes in. There is a misconception that backup power simply protects against blackouts and acts like a generator.

But Alison McFadden, CEO of Continu, says, “Utility companies are not committed to providing clean, uninterrupted power to sensitive IT equipment.

“An interface is needed. There are two functions: one is to provide short-term backup power in the event of a complete mains power failure, and the second is to protect the load from power quality problems, including spikes, voltage dips, fluctuations, thus providing a stable supply to protect sensitive IT equipment. The emergency power supply therefore has two main functions and the second function is arguably more important.

“In fact, around 80% of electrical problems are due to phenomena inside the building, for example elevators, air conditioners, copiers, fluorescent lights, etc.

Alison explains, “In short, we make sure our customers are fully prepared and protected against power issues and have a clean, stable and efficient backup power solution.

“It starts with the design, and from there we use leading back-up power products like Schneider Electric, APC and Riello to keep your critical systems up and running at all times, saving you money. money, avoid downtime and protect your data. “

The next step is to provide ongoing support and maintenance. Alison adds

“The pandemic has provided Continu with the opportunity to transform the way service maintenance is delivered and managed through a range of innovative digital tools.

“Our service uses real-time remote monitoring of assets, eliminating many manual inspections associated with periodic PMs.

“This approach offers our customers an efficient alternative to the physical presence of an engineer on site. We support when needed, guided by real-time data rather than schedule. This gives Continu and the customer a higher level of protection. Our goal is to enable our customers to get the most out of their standby power assets as efficiently and sustainably as possible. “

For IT decision-makers, efficiency and environmental impacts are paramount.

Alison adds, “Our goal now is to broaden the debate so that efficiency is not seen only as a use of electricity and energy, but as a transition to broader energy management, including battery energy storage systems (BESS) and electricity trading.

Continu is passionate about contributing to the government’s climate action plan target of at least 70% electricity from renewable sources by 2030. This ‘technology-driven’ approach aims to help system operators (Eirgrid / SONI) to make the network more resilient. and “iron out” the variable nature of renewable energy sources. “

Continu is currently involved in exciting energy projects that allow companies to significantly change their approach to energy management, integrating BESS.

This provides C&I businesses in Ireland with ‘market ready’ technologies and ‘turnkey’ solutions that deliver clean, efficient and secure energy solutions, while maintaining the resilience of critical infrastructure.

Trust is the key to attracting and retaining new customers for Continu. In today’s 24/7 on-demand world, critical business systems must be available 100% of the time and downtime cannot be tolerated or allowed.

Continu enjoys the trust of large public and private organizations with critical IT systems, many of which are multi-site, e.g. BT, publisher of Belfast Telegraph Independent News and Media, Concentrix, NIE, Total Mobile, Moy Park, Thales , hospital trusts, the NI Civil Service and SONI. Continuous provides 24/7 customer support to customers across Ireland, the mainland UK, Scotland and Europe.

Alison says the company is proud to support the category of Best IT Project of the Year for the “Nonprofit” Sector at this year’s Belfast Telegraph IT Awards. “We are delighted to support these awards and look forward to the event. We wish all the participants good luck.

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