Are Canon’s EF lenses good enough for modern mirrorless cameras?

It’s clear that Canon has moved on from DSLRs focusing on mirrorless models. If you are planning to upgrade, then best mirrorless camera (opens in a new tab) is likely to be what you choose, and that means a new lens mount. Worry not too much, because the mount adapter allows you to use all your existing EF and EF-S lenses on an EOS mirrorless camera.

Many of you will look at your bag of lenses and wonder how you can afford a complete system change when in reality a mirrorless camera works well with your existing lenses. RF lenses are often shorter and cheaper RF options are lighter than equivalent EF lenses, but there are many more EF lenses than RF to choose from. The best Canon lenses (opens in a new tab) guide has some of the best options.

When the EOS R was introduced I bought one but kept most of my DSLRs so it was good to have lenses that could be used on either system – and only EF lenses can do that.

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Large EF lenses, even older models, often get a boost with a more capable AF system. Canon has made sure that the EOS R cameras are bilingual – they communicate in the EF lens and the RF lens. The lens mount adapter is just a spacer and a connector adapter, it has no intelligence or optical elements. Some of the older lenses restrict the maximum frame rate of EOS R cameras, but they don’t limit the AF modes and capabilities available. It’s also much easier to manually focus a flip lens or macro lens with the EOS R cameras’ focus peaks and focus guides than it was possible to use the viewfinder. of a digital SLR.

Checking with dealers who sell used equipment, it’s clear that there are plenty of quality EF lenses for sale at reasonable prices, so consider a used EF lens to go with your new camera. EOS R camera. If you choose to use RF lenses, you’ll get modern optical technology combined with integration between the EOS R camera and lens. Additionally, Canon RF lenses feature image processors that work with the camera’s DIGIC processor to improve the quality of images taken.


Extension tubes allow lenses to focus closer than normal, but there are only EF versions. (Image credit: Brian Worley)

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