AOI launches the new Q1RC strobe in the Japanese market

A year ago, AOI unveiled its first strobe, the Ultra Compact Strobe Q1 (UCS-Q1), an entry-level unit offering manual control of flash power only. Now the Hong Kong company has announced an improved version—the UCS-Q1RC—but currently only for the Japanese market.

Like the Q1, the new strobe has a guide number of 22, a beam angle of 85 degrees (with diffuser), and a color temperature of 5600K (5000K with diffuser). It features the same built-in 700 lumen continuous light with three power settings and also runs on dual 18650 lithium batteries. However, as the name suggests, the main dial now offers an “RC” position, allowing cameras communicate the correct power setting to the stroboscope via Olympus’ RC flash mode.

While the Q1RC is launching in Japan, it seems likely that the new model will eventually be available in the US and other markets. Consult your local dealer for advice.


Underwater photography made even easier

In a press release, OM Digital Solutions Co., Ltd. announced the availability of the AOI UCS-Q1RC, a special edition of the successful AOI UCS-Q1 for the Japanese market.

OM Digital Solutions Co., Ltd. digital cameras or “OM” are equipped with the Olympus Wireless RC Flash System or commonly referred to as RC Flash Mode. AOI Limited’s newest underwater flash, the AOI UCS-Q1RC is compatible with RC Flash Mode.

Even the small Olympus Tough TG-6 is equipped with RC Flash mode and can be used even when housed in an underwater housing, such as the Olympus PT-059.

When used on the TG-6, simply set the flash to RC Flash mode. The camera will still choose aperture and shutter speed automatically, but it will now do so taking into account the use of an external strobe. Thereafter, communications between the camera and the UCS-Q1RC will determine the optimum strobe power and camera settings to achieve perfectly exposed images. No more guesswork, no more missed opportunities.

The “AOI UCS-Q1RC” also packs a punch despite its compact size. The strobe produces a maximum light output of guide number 22.

In addition, the AOI UCS-Q1RC can also be used in “manual” or M mode. Users can adjust the power settings and are done via a button on the rear control panel, choosing this mode will suit photographers which have more stringent lighting requirements. The UCS-Q1RC also has an impressive 0.85 second recycle time even when set to full power, ensuring opportunities aren’t missed.

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