A downstream and scalable partner to install an interactive art-centric project at Boise State University – rAVe [PUBS]

Founded in 1988, Downstream has created a global community of designers, production managers, content designers, developers and other creatives. With offices in the United States, Amsterdam and Melbourne, Downstream provides its clients with localized design, project management, construction and installation capabilities. Downstream has created brand experiences for companies like Microsoft, Verizon, and the Atlanta Braves.

“Downstream occupies a unique position. We’re a little different from a typical AV consultant because we create content, build the story, and deliver custom software development, ”said Trent Hays, CTO for Downstream. “We develop design strategies, branded environments and immersive experiences for our clients. Many of these projects are incredibly complex and require the highest quality technology with unique technological characteristics. For this reason, we have built a long-standing relationship with Scalable. We are in the midst of some fascinating and unique projects where Scalable is playing a key role. We have also just completed an interactive art-centric project at Boise State University.

At Boise State University, Downstream completed a project using ultra-short drill lenses on glass with front projection film applied. The projection was a small piece of a much larger and more complex solution. Recognizing the capabilities of Scalable, Downstream confidently delivered a projection solution that contributed to a large scale project.

“We integrated eight projectors with 18 glass panel systems that we custom designed with projection film and capacitive touch film to create a seamless 270 degree experience,” Hays said. “The design features full interactivity on all three walls. We were able to automate much of the projection with Scalable to create a durable and interactive projection solution.

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Scalable gives users a technical advantage by combining the highest pixel performance with fast and transparent calibration. Scalable’s software automatically calibrates the color, intensity and geometry of images from multiple projectors, resulting in a single digital display.

“Scalable’s one-touch calibration allows us to automate the calibration process,” Hays said. “We schedule calibration during downtime and eliminate the need for a human to operate and adjust the system. Before Scalable, we manually calibrated projectors. It was incredibly tedious and time consuming. If the projector needed maintenance, it would have to be recalibrated. Scalability allows us to automate the steps and reduce the time required to maintain a high level system. This allows us to think on a very large scale with the projection.

Scalable’s technology was developed at MIT by Dr Rajeev Surati and Dr Tom Knight. The company has acquired 12 patents relating to edge blending, warping and color grading technology.

“Scalable provides us with great service and support, especially as we set it up in the field,” Hays said. “Their detailed understanding of the technical challenges in the projection field is unmatched. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience, not only on their solutions, but also on the requirements and capabilities of projects like ours. They have been a constant partner for us. They provide us with reliable staff from their team to accompany us during our installations. Their support has been very powerful as a partnership.

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