5 amazing night photographers and the cameras they use


Many people turn away from opportunities to photograph at night. Low light, fewer pedestrians, and a perceived increase in danger mean many photographers prefer to take pictures when the sun is up. It’s a shame because the weirdness of the night is the perfect shooting range for creative photography. Thankfully, there are plenty of photographers out there ready to brave the night, and we’ve featured plenty of them over the years. Join us to discover some of the best.

1. Vlad Tretiak remains one of the best night photographers

Due to the reduced light, shooting at night may be difficult. This is especially difficult when photographing with an analog camera. Still, for Serbian photographer Vlad Tretiak, the process seems like a snap. His dark and dismal images are made convincing by the little shards of the night light. He takes all his images with a Olympus OM-10, a camera that has remained popular since its release in 1979. Check out more images from Tretiak here.

2. Tarik Tosun makes night photographers proud

New York is a great place for almost any type of photography. When the sun goes down and the cityscape lights come on, the Big Apple really makes sense. This is when Tarik Tosun releases his faithful Nikon FE2 (a camera to work with is fun) and start creating. “I’ve been told these photos have a serious Blade Runner vibe, and I can’t say I disagree,” he told us in an interview earlier this year. And we don’t disagree either. In fact, we’re totally in love with the vibe. Take a look at more here.

3. Kate Hook is the queen of night photographers

Kate Hook often returns here at The Phoblographer. Why is that? Well, his photography remains one of the most innovative we’ve ever featured, especially in the analog section. In 2019, Hook moved us again with his incredible double exposure portraits. When asked what tool she used to make this series, she replied: “…[I] bought a nice Nikon f3, which I use a lot. A fun fact about the Nikon F3 is that it recently celebrated its 40th anniversary and remains popular with new photographers today! Discover more of Hook’s work here.

4. Simon Ã…slund gets the whole atmosphere

Simon Ã…slund’s aptly named Night Series premiered between 2017 and 2018 and still impresses three years later. To achieve the images, he mixes both film and digital. For the first, he used a Canon A-1, a timeless system that creates dreamy night shots when combined with Kodak 400. Its digital work is done with the ever popular Fujifilm X100F. It’s a camera that gives you the speed of digital and the feel of analog. To see more of Ã…slund’s work, go here.

5. Rainer Wengel captures the Northern Lights

One of the best aspects of night photography is the potential of the night sky. For any astrophotographer, the Northern Lights are a great place for this type of imagery. We came across Rainer Wengel’s work in 2017. Besides his beautiful images, we were intrigued by the camera he used. The Silvestri S4 is a unique large format camera, which is shockingly underused. Combined with Kodak ISO 400 or Fuji Provia 400X film, the results are stunning. Watch yourself here.

More night photography

If you weren’t sure about taking night shots, the above selection should get you out of there. Just because the light is limited doesn’t mean captivating scenes don’t exist. So if you’re sitting at home late at night reading this article, go get your camera and shoot! And you can send us your results using the submission form above.

To see more amazing night photographers, check out our Flipboard Storyboard.

All images used with permission. Main image by Kate Hook.

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