2 breakthrough Kandao cameras win top design awards

Kandao’s QooCam EGO and Meeting S cameras have won the 2022 Japan Institute of Design Promotion Good Design Awards for their design and innovation.

Kandao Technology is pleased to announce that their 3D camera integrated in the QooCam EGO viewer and Meeting S 180° video conferencing camera both received Good Design Awards from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion – the highest honor for design and innovation in the country.

“I warmly thank the awarding committee and the jury for their recognition,” said Kandao CEO Dan Chen, “I am also very grateful to all our talented engineers, producers and sales people for their hard work in bringing these products to life. unbelievable. at the market.”

The annual Good Design Awards are Japan’s oldest and most prestigious design awards, having been first presented in 1957. The awards celebrate products and designs that bring joy to users by improving their lives and building a better future.

Of the Meeting Sthe Awards Selection Jury Committee commented:

“In terms of video conferencing camera function, the camera is appreciated for its ability to dynamically flip the screen focusing properly on the speaker who is currently speaking through clear 180 degree images and image recognition face of the person.As it works as a standalone device, it does not need to be connected to a PC, and the convenience that it can be operated simply by placing it on a table is also appreciated.

The QooCam EGO was also rented:

“While it’s easy to take stereoscopic photos just by pressing the shutter button, the playfulness of switching between the shooting module and the viewing module is also very appreciated. Since any photo taken can be viewed in stereo, it is much easier to replicate the realism of the location than 3D scanning with LiDAR, and this should bring more diversity to the market.

About Kandao

Kandao is a virtual reality research and technology manufacturer that provides innovative imaging solutions to facilitate people’s transition from the physical to the digital world. A pioneer in VR technology, high-definition video and conference cameras, Kandao’s products feature streamlined designs and top-notch security. Founded in 2016, the company has already won several awards in recent years, including a CES Best of Innovation Award 2021 in the digital imaging category.

About Kandao Meeting S

The Meeting S is Kandao’s entry-level smart video conferencing camera with a 180° field of view. Designed for use in small to medium sized meeting rooms, the Meeting S can simultaneously track and display up to 5 participants and intelligently identify and highlight the current speaker. The Meeting S comes with built-in Android, allowing users to connect it directly to their meeting room TV or projector, without the need for a laptop or secondary computer. The pro-level model, the Meeting Pro, contains 2 180° lenses for a 360° view of the entire room.

About the Kandao QooCam EGO

The QooCam EGO is Kandao’s second foray into the world of consumer 3D imaging. Featuring two cameras separated by approximately the same distance as human eyes, the EGO can take stereoscopic 3D images that can be immediately viewed using Kandao’s innovative viewer, without the need for special glasses or additional equipment. Users can use the built-in editor to add 3D effects and share their photos with friends and family.

More information about Kandao and the Good Design Awards:

Website: https://us.kandaovr.com/
Meeting S Prize: https://www.g-mark.org/award/describe/53438?token=jLdrUbxND7
QooCam EGO Price: https://www.g-mark.org/award/describe/53441?token=jLdrUbxND7

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